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Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Is Your Flight Plan? Part 1

(Psalm 104:7) “at the sound of your thunder they took to flight”

Many years have passed but I will never forget the memories with my dad. One special memory is when I was young and spent my Saturday’s flying Cessna airplanes with him (or so he led me to believe I was flying the plane...wink). One of my favorite flight plans were when he would do what they (they being the so –called flight people-whoever that is) called “touch and goes.” He would let the landing gear touch the runway and then take off again. We would do this over and over again. (Just a side note: Sis, did you ever wake up from your nap in the back seat to experience this? Or were you praying? He He)

Little did I know how valuable a lesson this would become in my life.

So many times since then, I have sat across from the doctor just to hear him say, “I am sorry but you cannot have children.” –Touchdown of flight.

But God had other plans. –“GO”, the Papa whispered.

And I remember the doctor saying to me, “Your daughter has hearing loss…. She has a learning disability…. She has…” ---Touchdown of flight.

God had other plans. –“GO”. The Papa whispered once again… (Our daughter is a junior in college and working … she is thriving beyond words.) p.s. She hears better than I do!

And then two years ago, the doctor gathered us up in a private room. I could see it in the doctor’s face. He didn’t want to be there either. My heart was in my throat. My sister said, “Connie, please start praying.” There we held hands and prayed. I wanted to leave. His words sounded like they were so very far away. “I don’t think your dad is going to make it, he has had a stroke and is having seizures.” This was hours after open heart surgery. And the warm tears of my heart fell from my soul. Someone just please stop this so-called “touchdown of flight.”

But God has other plans.—“GO” whispered my Papa.

Eventually as with us all, the time finally came for the plane to set down. Several weeks ago, my dad’s flight plan had come to an end and he finally landed safely home. But rejoice for it was the most perfect landing ever.

His journey is complete and his flight plan was perfectly executed.

I am now living my own flight plan. A week ago, the doctor said, “You have an abnormal spot in your left breast that we need to look at.”— Touchdown of life.


We all have our “touch and go” moments, do we not?

I thank my dad for teaching me the exhilarating love of that final landing and the excitement and anticipation of those final moments preceding it.

For eventually, we all have to land.

We will all be called Home.

What is your flight plan?

In Loving Memory of my sweet Daddy... Bryant Franklin

8 little hearts from you...:

Jenster said...

What incredible miracles you've been witness to. And you'll be witnessing another miracle in the very near future. I pray that miracle is a benign finding for you. But even if it's not, breast cancer isn't a landing. I won't insult your intelligence and say it's no big deal. And that touchdown may last a little longer on the runway than you planned, but you'll be winging in no time at all. Because God is that good!

Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

Sweetie, this was beautiful. God has your flight of life all planned out, He is going to take wonderful care of you my dear friend. I love you.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Can I understand this post!
At this point I feel like our little plane is about to run out of gas and I don't know where it will land. But I am glad the God planned out the flight before we started.
I am also glad to know that although sometimes it appears as if I am flying solo--He is right there.
Praying for you. When will you find out what the doctors have found?

Denise said...

Tee shirt contest is finished and a winner is announced and the design is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go and take a look and I will get out and about and get caught up on all my friends blogs……………….. I will try to read and find out what you gals have been up to this week…………..


I will be back latter to read and comment on what I have missed...

love ya

Donetta said...

The be afloat on and under His wing.

Bev Brandon said...

Connie, you have an open invitation to say anything your God brings to your mind to me...always.

Beautiful post about a man who
lived well
loved well
suffered well.
And about a daughter who
learned well.

Praying for you as your flight lands safe in His Arms.

KT said...

Connie, this is a beautiful post, and then to read it accompanied by your lovely music, it all brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful way to remember and honor your dad for the life's lessons he taught you.

I am praying for you still, for an "it's nothing" report on your abnormal mammogram.
Take care, Katie