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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Storm Dancer

Luke 8:25 "...the storm subsided, and all was calm..."

These past years have been one of great learning. I continue to weather the storms of my life and dance in the reminiscence of the puddles left behind.

I have learned who is to remain on my journey with me. I will meet many people along the way--family, friends and mere acquaintances...the day will come when we are to move on in our journey with and without these people. But all were and are vital to my life and who I am to become. A season for all things... (Eccles)....and we will one day be together again.

So, my blogging-world friends, I have created an award called...



Storms of life.

These storms can cause devastating consequences. Many of these storms are of our own making. Intensity rules and angers flare. After the thunder, there is rain. I see the torrential downpours. And as the rain begins to fade, the sweet-scented smell of rain fill my senses. I can smell the rain. Time passes and surpasses my understanding of what has been and what is to be. Soon, the rain trickles as if playing to the tune of Mozart and I am mesmerized by its tranquilizing effect. I hear the Song that my Heavenly Father is singing to me.

My senses are alive. I can feel.

I breathe—slowly.

I awaken—soon thereafter to a silent world around me after the rain has long stopped. It would take some time before I really would grasp all of the unfolding events of the storm.

The person I had been had died, she had left during the storm—tragically. The death of self was an explosive aftermath. The realization of truth was as explosive as a volcanic eruption from a Volcano that had slept for thousands of years. The pressure was phenomenal.



And just indifferent at times.

Mindful—from a long rainy night, I mused over the details.

I prayed.

Morning came and the Sun peeked in through the window. It was timid and reluctant to reveal itself to me as if one more change might cease my beating heart.

The pain was gone—not that I was ok with my life’s happenings but it was better than it had been in a very long time. I was free. I could breathe.

Would I become another Storm Dancer? Will I rejoice in this new birth?

I will dance in the reminiscence of the storm.

I will become the Storm Dancer.

…for I am His beloved child.

I would like to award the following bloggers this award:

Denise from Shortybears Place - it never fails that she uplifts me with kind words every day...Thank you Denise

Ivey's mom Gwen- for reminding me to look at the world with different eyes. For seeing gratitude in the attitude. For life.

Technonana- for her wisdom and praise...

Melli - keeping laughter in my life

Karin - Yesterday, today and tomorrow--- you have no idea the impact of these words

Julie -She and I have been on a journey with Papa, shedding our flesh... thanks Julie...for your support

Nancy - I know if I ask her to pray, she's there...

Deb- one day she and I will ride free...

Sandy - one can never have too many flip flops.. that would include my friend

Susan - not only do I consider her a friend and a prayer warrior, but she taught me how to dive for scallops

Tracy - For her cup runneth over to mine

Grams - you have also taught me an unconditional love...through your love for Nancy

Mari - Keeping the spark and excitement in life

and last but not least...

Denise the Samaritan Woman - you teach me daily about God's love

What I would "Like" for you to do: (after all, it is now yours):

1. Write your own Storm Dancer story. I shared my story with you above.

2. Grab the award code above and put it in your Storm Dancer story post and/or sidebar. You have earned it! Click here if you need help.

3. Pass this award onto whomever... no limit. If you receive the award but are the type of person that isn't into writing and sending out awards…don't worry, just wear it proudly or do as you wish.

I am sure I have forgotten someone... so I am going to send out this award again at another time... but for now, please know how much you have meant to me and my walk in the Lord...

God Bless you on your journey.... one day at a time...

10 little hearts from you...:

Denise said...

Oh my..... You made me cry.. I have had a very emotional day today and I talked to my Father God and asked HIM many things.. I needed assurance or I need comfort or I needed just a hug..... I thought to myself that the "storms" of my life have been so numerous that there are days that I cannot do what HE asks.. but then I do....... I was not going to even mess with my email tonight but then decided to check to see who had been there....... I found your email from my blog......

I cried when I came here... just wanted you to know that the Father God so uses each of us for each of us and today HE used you to bring to me the answers for today..... I will just dance..... I am honored to post this on my blog... I will do that tomorrow and I will write........

Sending you the hope for perfect peace in your life my friend...

Thank you.... I really mean thank you.......

Karin said...

Thank you so much for this honor and your thoughtfulness! Hubby and I are visiting our daughter and family for the week-end. It's been physically raining and snowing, but my heart is at peace. The past two-three months have been quite 'stormy' due to my health issues, also caring for my mom and then being at her bedside when she went to be with Jesus 2 weeks ago. But I'm an 'old tree' and firmly planted by the streams of living water. I just need a longer rest right now and the Lord is good!

Mari said...

Thanks Connie! It was so sweet of you to include me with those other wonderful bloggers.
I always enjoy my visits here, reading about what God is doing in your life at the moment!

Talk..to..Grams said...

I will sound like Denise but I have tears running down my face.
Sometimes you think no one know the burdens and cares and storms we are going through. AND then something like this comes along and you are just wowed over!! It that a word??
Some days are so peaceful and then some days are hard! Nancy is not only slow but is paranoid/schizo and she can be very challenging.
She also has lupus and it has left her with a lung disease!
We just love her and take care of her!
She also says the same thing over and over. There is a big word for this but I can't spell that!!!
She gets one thing on her mind and she just can't stop talking about it!
Do you get the feeling I am pouring out my heart! Ok! I was!!

I am honored you would think of me! Thank you!
May God surround you with His love today!

Tracy said...

Connie thank you so much for including me among such special women! You bless my heart!

Denise said...

My precious, precious friend, thank you just does not cover what this means to me. I am so blessed by you and your friendship. You have truy touched my heart with this award. The storms really do get fierce sometimes, but I will continue to dance in them. I love you with all of my heart, bless you sweetie.

That Crazy Family said...

This is such a beautiful and inspirational post! Often I get lost in the storms and am only now learning how to dance in the rain and puddles left behind!

Deb said...

Ah, yes I so love this, thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart!! Storm Dancer how beautiful, I picture myself as a child dancing and splashing in the puddles after the rains. . . yes Storm Dancer is perfect and I needed this, so thank you for listening to our Father in Heaven and including me:) I am honored, you have blessed me as you always do my friend and yes we shall Ride Free Someday:) P.S. You made me cry too!!
Love You,

Melli said...

Thank you dear! It's a beautiful award... but mostly it's a beautiful story. I do so HOPE that I AM a Storm Dancer! I LOVE a good storm! And the results that come from it...

Blessings to you!

Julie said...

Thank you friend.... I am blessed to be walking through the storms of this life with you...

Sometimes the storms just pound on the shores of our hearts and we need someone standing there with us.
It's been pretty stormy over here lately... Due to this I've not been able to visit blogs much.

So glad I was able to come by today. Thanks for your visit to mine and your sweet words. I always enjoy your visits!