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Monday, April 23, 2007

100th (and then some) POST

100 things about .... little ol' me...

1. I was born in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
2. I am the oldest
3. I have a younger sister
4. My parents are living but divorced (my dad passed in 2008 since this post)
5. My parents are living because they are divorced--smile
6. I grew up catholic
7. I am now Presbyterian
8. Really it doesn't matter- I believe in Jesus
9. I have been married once before
10. We have a blended family
11. I have an older
12. I have a daughter in college (soon to graduate)
13. And a younger son that is 12 (Now 15)
14. Our son has red hair (he calls himself a ginger or Daywalker, go figure)
15. My husband and I are truly soul mates, corny but true
16. I sleep with a fan 365 days a year, he hates it
17. I have two dogs(Aggie and Jake) and a cat (Squeak)
18. God is going to make my husband work at Rainbow Bridge one day when he dies for giving my cat the evil eye.
19. I love the beach
20. I collect seashells
21. I collect sharks teeth, preferably without the shark.
22. I scuba dive
23. My husband and I went diving on our honeymoon in Cozumel
24. I swear I was almost attacked by a huge grouper, then realized it wanted me to feed it like the Islanders do.
25. I was saved when I was 39-great story.
26. My husband baptized me and our son at the same time on Mother's Day.
27. I have my certification in Christian Counseling
28. I am a member of the
American Assoc Christian Counselors
29. I counsel woman, teens and couples
30. God has been (is) awesome to me
31. I canNOT hoola hoop
32. I use to hide my food from my plate as a child in my underwear and asked to be excused so I could flush it in the toilet. I Actually wrote the book on escaping from eating food as a child.
33. I once caught a lobster on a fish hook
34. I once put a tack in a boys seat in elementary school
35. I have beat up a few boys in my time as a child. Can we say Tomboy?
36. I hate liver.
37. I love cheesecake .
38. I hate Brussels sprouts.
39. I love hot wings.
40. My favorite movie in life is Pride and Prejudice and The Kid.
41. Worse movie ever was Greenich Village,,, horrible old movie
42. I love Grey's Anatomy.
43. I love popcorn with dripping butter,, yum
44. I am a Registered Nurse Operating Room Nurse and have been for 30 years minus the few when I worked with Hospice.
45. Favorite job as nurse was being a nurse (smile).
46. I worked as an Athletic trainer for 5 years
47. Went to University of Florida for Ath. Trainers course, Go GATORS
48. Die Hard Gator fan... of course
49. I love to read cuz I don't have to sweat.
50. The Message is my favorite translation of the Bible ..and King James (now)
51. favorite memory as child was fishing with my dad
52. favorite memory with my children was going to the beach
53. I once was in a contest.... I had to eat peanut butter and flour mixed... yuk... about choked.
54. My dog once saved my life from a kidnapper
55. I love cheese
56. I have eaten raw conch right out of the shell...
57. I am a survivor of child abuse
58. I am a survivor of sexual abuse
59. By the grace of God, I am alive
60. II Corinthians 1:3-5
61. I sleep with a small pillow hugged up against me
62. I am a Jeep Girl. Silly boys... Jeeps are for girls...
63. I am still major tomboy, if you didn't figure ...
64. I worshiped my grandmother
65. I took 3 years of Spanish and can tell you to pass me the butter and the bread too.
66. I took one year of french and can tell you to pass me the butter and the bread too in Spanish.
67. I had a major crush on Chad Everett (Medical Center) when I was about 9 years old.. it lasted for several years ... ok... maybe longer.
68. I listened to Donny Osmond and the Partridge Family....
69. I stole M&M's from the store when I was young..
70. I learned to drive on an old Renault straight shift
71. We lived at the beach at Ft Lauder-dale on one weekend with my mom
72. The next weekend was Key Largo.. with dad..
73. When we moved from Miami, we moved to a place called Snellville, Georgia. Try telling your friends that!
74. I have been through numerous hurricanes where we sat up and watched the eye of the storm.
75. I have been bitten by a dog
76. I have been stuck by a fish hook. AND it ain't comin' out the same way it went in!!!
77. I was 28 when my daughter was born
78. I was 36 when my son was born.
79. My husband and I took shag dancing lessons...
80. We love shaggin music
81. I love Phillips, Craig and Dean
82. I love art, my family is full of artist,,, ha, except me
83. I love my hammock
84. I love peanut butter, mayonnaise and cheddar cheese sandwiches at night--thanks Dad
85. I love bubble baths
86. I used to run..... I did a mini triathlon
87. I would say that I have saved a life or two... but.. hey, I'm a nurse
88. I have stuck my tongue to the old metal ice makers .. yes, your tongue will stick.
89. Oh yea, I love A Christmas Story with Ralphy and the Red Rider BB gun
90. I used to shoot guns with my dad
91. Once won a turkey shoot. In the great southern hills of Ga. my friend quickly escorted me out of there without my turkey(apparently that is only a figure of speech) while some angry men plotted my death.
92. Once got caught smoking cigarettes as a child... never again.....
93. I am terrified of heights.. Once got stuck on one of those kids slides because I couldn't climb the rest of the way up.
94. I flew a plane with my dad, got to actually fly it...
95. OH, how could I forget this wonderful piece about me.. I play the accordion... It's a red pearl...
96. I love to read Max Lucado and Francine Rivers
97. I have a 2 grandsons.
98. I'm terrified of snakes. Did I say terrified?
99. I once told my husband the name of a perfume I wanted called "Try me"..... get it?? oh my.. was I blonde--true story ...
100. I once lost my underwear in the church lobby as I was running in late for a play I was in. It was clean out of the dryer and too sexy for church grounds.They had stuck to my pants leg... my true friends just laid in the floor laughing at me ... oh well...TMI


13 little hearts from you...:

Nise' said...

Loved reading your "100 things" and getting to know more about you! #100 is a hoot!

Dori said...

Oh my, have you given me a good laugh this morning!!! Love this 100 things list and can't wait to do my own....


Leigh Gray said...

I love the perfume one about wanting "try me". That is so something i would do as well.

Thanks for allowing us to see mroe of you!

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

And all this time I thought we could get along...but you are a GATOR fan!?!?!? OH MY, WHY!?!?! (and going to school there is NOT an excuse! HA!) After we left Carol City, we moved within 35 miles of U of F but I am a SEMINOLE ALL THE WAY! You have to be! Bobby Bowden is the Best! :-)

Oh well we all have our faults and I guess we have to just agree to disagree on this one. After all you guys are the reigning champs. Phoeey!

Bees are worse than snakes. I don't want to be in a room with a bee or a wasp.

Have you ever tried a Banana, Cheese, and Mayo Sandwhich...yum!!!

Thanks for lots of smile in this list.

Mindy said...

It was so fun reading you 100 things list.
I can identify with some of them....i am also a survivor of sexual abuse - I fear there are many of us. I also am Terrified of snakes - gives me the heebie geebies just to see one on tv.
I know where Snellville, GA is -- I am a GA girl myself - I grew up on Lookout Mtn. GA in a community known as New Salem....
Lastly - I would be very interested in hearing how you got your Christian Counceling Certificate as this is where I feel more and more that they Lord is leading me to do!
In HIm -

CrownLaidDown said...

What a hoot!!! We love Florida...and are travelling almost 1500 miles to Destin this summer (I'm a nut, I know! But that's my place!!). Our dear friends, the Fergusons, served at a Presbyterian church in Pensacola. They're now missionaries in Peru.

Have a wonderful week!
Love in Him,

Patty said...

I found your blog via Dori's blog. She and go way back and God allowed us to reconnect after 20 plus years! Anyway, I love your blog. When I read about your daughter bringing you red hearts, I was touched! I have been divorced for 10 years and haven't remarried. I loved reading 100 things about you!! I agree with Leigh, the Try Me perfume is sooo funny!! I think I will try the 100 things or maybe I will shorten it, on my blog. Have a great weekend!!

Patty said...

I just realized something, you said you are a die hard Gator fan!!!! Hmmm, I am a die hard VOL fan!! Oh my, a Gator and a Vol together, this could get ugly. LOL!! Well, maybe one year my sweet little Vols will beat the Gators! :o) Not holding my breath!

Patty said...

LOL!! I loved what you wrote on my blog. Now, I will confess if you do!! lol!! Let me tell you this, you will appreciate this, a few years ago I went to Houston for the weekend. In my absence, a fellow youth leader decided to get me back because I took the youth group to his house and we rolled his yard, car, etc... and took pictures. The funny thing was he was asleep on the couch and never heard us. Anyway, he wanted to get me back, he and a few of the youth, they took down ALL my U.T. stuff and I have alot and hid it and replaced it with Gator stuff, everywhere!! They got the gator stuff from a former youth pastor who is a Gator Nut!! They even took my U.T. flag down and replaced it with Gator, yuk!! My neighbor got mad at me because he thought I had converted. (no joke). I came home and I thought I was going to die!! I had a concrete pig(mom's day present, years ago) I painted it orange and white, they hid it and replaced it with a plastic gator. It was so funny!!!! They put a gator bandana on my dog!!! I have pictures!!! They got me good.

JUST A MOM said...

HAHA I LOVE IT ALL OF THEM well maybe the undies ones best. Thank you so much for stopping by my place. If you do not mind I would like to stop by again.


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