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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ramblings of a Hospice Nurse

(Exodus 3:5) "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground."

The past week has been long, yet timeless. It is as if I have been walking in a place I speak of often--the "Supernatural."

I have to say, I am honored but I do ask, "Why me, Papa?" How could I be the one chosen to walk in these precious days with these dear people and witness their heavenly encounters as You prepare for their way home.

I had been with one particular patient for months. I had broken the cardinal sin (as I always do) and became attached to her. I fell in love with her. I went to her house every day for several months for dressing changes so this really gave us time to bond. And then the day came, she no longer recognized me or her family. But as I sat with her, she talked. She carried on a beautiful conversation.

It was of a beautiful love to come.

Her daughter came up behind me and said, "She is talking to my dad." He had passed away several years before. My patient had said that her husband had made a visit weeks ago and promised her that a white chariot would pick her up.

The next day, her white chariot came.

Yesterday, I was at the house of one of my families. When I say families, let me explain. I had a father and daughter on my service. The daughter was a friend of mine and her son is my son's friends. She had passed away months ago and now I have her dad.

Some days, the mom / wife is just breathing to survive. I spend a lot of time with her. So yesterday, I was with her and she had resigned to losing her husband now. As I stood over her and her husband, I said, "It is getting close and he will be with your daughter soon." Her husband has not spoke and acknowledged anything in sometime. He looked at his wife and nodded affirmatively.

My patients wife said, "Did you see that?" Yes. I did.

"God has given you a gift so that you can let him go." I said

"I will, I do," she said. And she cried. The tenderness of this moment could only be explained of that as standing on Holy Ground.

Yesterday, one of my peers asked me to see her patient. The husband witnessed our Savior to me!!

Are you standing on Holy Ground?

17 little hearts from you...:

Anonymous said...

Connie these people are so very Blessed to have you be in there lives at this time, Yes it is very Holy at that special time, I have witnessed it. God Bless you my friend for your heart:)

Julie said...

These stories always amaze me. You know you believe in an unseen God. Sometimes it all feels so supernatural...you know hard for the mind to comprehend it all... so you just believe, because you believe.

Then to hear a story like these, well it's like getting a glimpse into that "unseen" world that you believe in. It's a gift, a beautiful gift.

Thank you for sharing some of these stories. I hope you are writing them down...I could see a book on "heaven encounters". I even hear a title... "A Breath Away".

Just thinking!!

Technonana said...

Connie... I could tell you of many stories like this... like when my dad and mom passed away... but the sweetest was when a very good friend of ours was languishing with colon cancer he was only 43.. His wife had told him she would hold his hand until Jesus came for him, a few days later, he looked at her and said, Baby.. you can let go now!!
He too have wonderful precious women like you in his life!!

Denise said...

Bless you for sharing this, these people are blessed to have you watching over them. You are so precious. I love you.

Susan said...

Beautiful Connie! I love it that you get to do this work to which you are obviously called.

And thanks for your kind words about my book review. Hugs to you!


Sharon Brumfield said...

In Bible time...especially the N.T....those who were given a glimpse to the other side were usually those who had or were to go through great pain.
I know your relationships with your patients have to cause your heart pain as they slip away...but because of your heart God is giving you too a glimpse of the other side.
I don't know that this glimpse comes to just anyone.
What weightiness the glory carries.
Thanks for sharing these stories.

Technonana said...

Atlanta... would be easier... we will have to work on it... technonana@gmail.com
I have cousins that live near Atlanta... Lawerenceville and Cummin...

Melli said...

You DO have a special "something" that is for sure! God places you with the right people at the right times - and he knows that you are not JUST there FOR those people... but that you also pass Him along... here, through your blog... and I'm sure in conversation you have with others. You truly are His disciple Connie!

Peggy said...

Oh Connie with Little red Hearts of God..that is the reason you
have been called to minister unto these people and their families
as a blessing and to bring them into Holy ground. What a gift! What beautiful passion! Extremely difficult place but ever so holy!

I'm sure it is not always a quiet peaceful letting go...but that is the calling of a hospice nurse.

It's aMazing how you can walk in the supernatural with them and accompany them to their Savior or
perhaps introduce them. I pray that you can remain the strength and the wind beneath their wings!
May Our Lord continue to uphold you!

Bless you for visiting me and leaving encouraging words!

Angie said...

Oh Connie---I have had you on my heart for 3 days. I know why now. The Lord wanted me to come "read". Sit and read.
I had 3 dreams Saturday night about Wanda--missing her seems to increase on some days. Tomorrow marks the 6 month mark since she has been basking in His glory. I know KNOW without doubt that she is happy and whole. Breathing freely--but it doesn't make my ache lessen. But I go on. Doing what I know to do.
Connie---you blessed me so much with encouragement and prayers---I thank you. YOU are doing EXACTLY what the LORD laid out for you.
You are a blessing :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

You are a gift to these people! God is using you in mighty way! BTW I have left you a couple awards over at my blog! You truly deserve them!

Denise said...

We are each called to touch lives in many different ways.......Those people are so blessed to have you in their lives........ to hold their hands and watch as they make their journey from here to the Fathers house........How awesome....

Cheryl said...

You are such a very special person. Thanks for sharing your story. I have missed visiting with you. Hope you are having a great week. God Bless~

Denise said...

Hey girl..... I want to get your gift in the mail and need your address............So send me an email when you get a minute...........


Tiffany Stuart said...

Loved reading this intimate holy ground moment. I too would be breaking the cardinal rule and getting attached. Oh how hard it must be to let go and yet so freeing to release the dying into new life!

Thanks for sharing. I agree with Julie, you could make a book of these stories.

Hugs from Colorado,

Wendi said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon this beautiful blog today! Your lovely heart chines through in your writing! God bless you for your compassion. I appreciated you sharing these wonderful insights!

Julie said...

Hey friend,
Thanks for your sweet words on my devo.

Hey, I sent you an email, if you didn't get it, let me know.