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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Fathers Eye's...the story it will tell

She whispered in a very weak voice, "Come here" and her arms opened up to me.

I slowly walked over to her wondering what she might want or say. She was declining so quickly, it was breaking my heart.

"I met Him," as she embraced me with her arms. There was a long pause of silence. I was afraid to break the moment of tranquility. I had already sensed Who she meant but I wanted her to tell me. So I waited for her to speak.

Several minutes passed before she said, "I felt warm and totally at peace. While He, you know--God-- was here, I didn't hurt for the first time in a long time. I'm not afraid to go now." And the tears came--from her and from me.

The moment was precious and holy, so I was not about to disturb it with questions.

She then said, "I'm leaving soon." And so I nodded with a gesture of affirmation. She talked some more. I asked her what I could do for her and her family. And she just looked at me for the longest time with her eyes. I then saw her story.

It's in the eyes...

My dad did the same thing. Before he died, he talked to my sister and I. I will never forget his sweet eyes. How he told a complete story of love with his eyes. Tears trickled from his eyes as he tried to speak. He didn't have to. We knew. God spoke through our daddy's precious eyes.

I remember another story of a friend that took me in and taught me about grace. He told me of love, like diamonds in the sun the love sparkled, it was in his eyes. I sawJesus, there in his eyes. I was so humbled that He would meet me where I was.

I still am searching for my Papa. Somedays are sure enough easier than others and well, vice versa.

God reveals Himself through the eyes of others everyday if we look....

But what a day it will be when I finally stand before Him and look into my Father's eyes.

The story it will tell...

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes." (Rev 21:4)

12 little hearts from you...:

Denise said...

I have really missed your heart touching posts. My Fathers eyes, I want to get lost in them. I love you sweetie.

Julie said...

Oh Connie, that was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

I need to hear those stories....they bring such hope and the reminder that this life here on earth is but fleeting. Some days it's so hard to endure the grace...some days you want to just rest. The stories tell us that a time is coming when all will be at rest.

Thanks for sharing your heart!

Love to you,

Denise said...

The words that you speak always touch hearts......! Always

Donetta said...

Connie I wish I could sit with you and share the windows of the eye. Silently just sit a spell and "eye to eye" Elder to elder.
When I was a young woman I was teaching Bible study to children .One little boy would not look me in the eye and they lined up to be rocked and sang to one by one. I pressed for his gaze only to learn a great lesson.
This little boy was Navajo. It is their culture to never look on who they respect straight into the eye for it is a disrespect. This child guarded my eye from his. For he saw me as an elder and respected the wisdom of my eye. He (a child) humbled himself to the point of my correction to show me the utmost respect.
Just needed to tell you about that sacred lesson.
I have felt my (our) Father raise my chin to look into his eyes of love. One must be humble to receive the gaze of an Elder. It takes great courage to live so transparently. Shame dulls the eye and tips the gaze to the feet.

Technonana said...

Connie.. I have tears streaming down my face... this story reminds me so much of my mom, when Jesus came to take her home. What a blessing to be used by God in such a special way!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I love reading your posts because you are so close to death so often!! I love hearing what people say and also what they see!! How incredible to be the one that sits there and listens or talks or hugs these sweet people. Thanks for telling us!! It makes my already not worried end of life much more in perspective..I hope you understand what i am trying to say. keep it up.
Blessings, Sandy

Sharon Brumfield said...

Hey girl....I have missed you too.
Life gets so busy sometimes and schedules go crazy....I know you know about this.
But I have missed these sweet lessons from God. I pray that His love will everyday be telling a story through my eyes.
This was beautiful and I love your heart!

Susanne said...

What a beautiful story... as always, my dear, sweet, Connie.
I have missed you, too. My blogging has been a bit sporadic lately, and even when I have time to post, I don't always have time to visit like I used to. Mom told me that you and she chat a lot. I am glad, I can see you two becoming fast friends...kindred spirits, and all. Maybe that's why I've always loved you so much.
Hope all is well with you, and I will be remembering you in prayer.

Denise said...

The eyes are the window to the soul... I have known people that needed their windows washed and I have known people that you could look in thier eyes and see God.... Your post is beautiful and I am so glad you are back.. Seems that life is just too fast anymore and some days I just want to cry....... I think we all need to see those eyes of the Father up close.......

JUST A MOM said...

uuuumm very nice... thank you

Tiffany Stuart said...


Glad to peek back into your heart.

Love how God showed himself to comfort this women and your dad.

Thank you for sharing HIS heart.

Anonymous said...

With tears. . (((hug)))