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Monday, January 7, 2008

Are You Living A Kamikaze Life For Christ

picture: Kugisho Ohka 22 Flying Bomb

(Matthew 16:25) “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it…”

Today, I sat with my dad and looked through one of his Aviation books with him. He is a pilot, always will be in my heart (He thinks he is still flying anyway). He took me flying when I was a little girl and I was proud to be his co-pilot. Now I sit next to him guiding him into a new realm; a place of great riches, heartfelt memories and the holy of holies in our relationship. There are regrettably days of great turbulence as I along with my family fly him Home to His Heavenly Father. My heart grieves beyond anything I ever thought possible. Maybe I am not as strong as I once thought, but then I doubt I was made to be, “For in my weakness…” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

But Papa continues to show me His love, His plan and His presence even in the midst of my pain. As we flipped through the pages of my daddies book, we came upon an airplane that flew in the WWll against Japan. It was called the Hugisho Ohka 22 Flying Bomb. It had one mission and only one. It was a kamikaze bomb. And over the life of these bombs, 5000 men gave their life for the emperor of their country. Can you imagine giving your all for something you believed in?

These men did.

What about the Disciples of Christ day and even some of today? They too gave their life for a cause; the cause of Jesus Christ. Do you think they would have gone to their death if His Life, Death and Resurrection were not so? Beheaded, stoned and hung all because they knew without a doubt that Jesus was the Son of God. They had a cause to fight for.

The Kamikaze bombers were only taught how to take off and never taught how to land their aviation device. They had one mission. And they went forward with total abandonment. I cannot imagine that kind of passion or even what was going through their minds as they started out on their way that morning knowing today would be their last day on earth!

Why is it that we as Christians must know where we are going, why we are going, how we are going and well, in essence how to land?

Sure it’s easy to talk about Christ around other Christians, but what about in the midst of non-believers? “Oh, what might they think about me?”

And what if someone made fun of your Savior in public, would you have the courage to stand up for Him? Not enough of us are taking a stand anymore, just look at the school systems.

What about the strongholds in your life? Can you hand them over to the Papa? Or do you still wrestle with those on your own? I for one think I can do it myself. Probably a control issue for me. And well, I’m going nowhere with it either.

Can we have a life and still live in a world of total unrelenting abandoned love and passion that calls us to our Papa’s cause. Are we willing to give up the life as we know it in exchange for maybe a crash landing? Are we willing to lose our life daily?(Matt 16:25) (So many times when I have let go, I have been amazed by the beauty of what God has given back to me.)

Each person’s call will be different, so don’t look at your neighbor. Keep your eyes on Papa!

Would you be willing to fly a kamikaze life for Christ?

And as long as He is our Air-traffic controller, I feel confident about the landing….

(Thanks Dad….I love you....)

Living the Supernatural,

12 little hearts from you...:

Bev Brandon said...

I just love your heart for your father!!!!

Cheryl said...

You have such a sweet heart. Love your post. Hope you have a wonderful week my friend! God Bless!

Sharon said...

There are some deep applications here. My heart longs to die for Him--but my flesh is still so alive.
Usually when I am flying by the seat of my pants(not thinking)I look out more for myself.
When my eyes are on Him--death comes easily.

Great wisdom here.
Love ya girl

Denise said...

Many years ago before I was born again I lifted my head to heaven and shouted that I was not going to be mistreated anymore and I was going to take control of my life..... Oh my gosh.. what a mistake that was..... It would be another 20 years before the Lord would rerun that day in my heart and show me that the very last thing we want is to be in control... After I was born-again many years after that, it took me a very long time to understand that He knows the way and I need to just follow....I do not relinquish the controls easily but I have learnd over the years that there is great reward when following the master instead of trying to lead...... I pray that today the Lord has taken you to a place where there is great peace and you can just be the child......

JUST A MOM said...

Oh Connie,,, enjoy those times with your dad. When I was growing up my daddy was a truck driver.. a 5 days before his death him and I went on a trip of MY life. He was taking me on a road trip and I sat next to him filling out the log book as we went. Bless you my friend and enjoy him and Him as you go on your journey.

Denise said...

I love you my dear friend, thanks for always sharing your heart.

Susan said...

I'm going to send DS 3 (my aviation nut) over to read this. Thanks for a beautiful picture as usual and I'm praying for you all.



Deb said...

Connie you are awesome my dear!! Enjoy your adventure HE has you on. God Love You and (((hugs))) from me.

Melli said...

Connie... I would LOVE to think that I would go the distance -- but BOY I pray He never tests me on THAT! The part that I find hard is initiating the conversations. If a discussion is already ongoing, I can get in there and hold my own -- but getting things going is my rough spot! I much prefer to just live my life as a believer and HOPE people notice! (and pray I don't stumble... at least in front of anyone!)

I hope you and your Dad have a good day today! You're always in my prayers...

Julie said...

Connie, Thank you for stopping by my blog.
I tried to find a place to email you but could not find the link on your page, did I overlook it? So, I am sending you a response to this entry.

My father-in-law was in World War II and the Korean War. He died when my husband was 13.
He received the Oak Leaf Cluster. It means he was given the Bronze star twice, for bravery. My husband never got to hear the stories. He doesn't know what he did to get the medals. He wished he did. It is awesome that you are having this bitter/sweet time with your father. I pray God holds you close during this time.

Looks like we are neighbors, well not REALLY neighbors, but not too far away. I see you live in Rome. I live in Ellijay. I clicked on the Grace Summit website. I have heard of it before. I do know where Big Canoe is too.

My husband & I heard John Eldredge live also at one of the last Sacred Romance Conferences in 2002 in Columbus, GA. It was AMAZING. My husband and I have been on this journey into the heart together. It has been awesome. He has attended Wild At Heart in Colorado, I have attended Captivating in Buena Vista, Colorado. We too have read all the books. My favorite might be "Waking the Dead".

God allowed me to teach Captivating chapter by chapter at our last church (before we moved). I discovered a love for teaching I didn't know I had.
God showed up in amazing ways. I was changed forever. We are now in a new church and we are planning a women's retreat this spring using some of Captivating. I am involved in that too.

Our church does a "Southeast Band of Brothers Weekend" for the men. This will be the 3rd year.
The men are still working on the details. You can check it out at: www.bandofbrothersweekend.org.
The dates have not been set yet for this year. It is based on Wild At Heart and some other materials.
My husband is a part of it.

Sorry this is so long, but I didn't know where to email you so I thought I would just comment it all.

I am still trying to figure out this blog world. : )

Thanks again for stopping by my blog. It blessed me that you would take the time. I am enjoying writing!


Shawna said...

It's a constant struggle for me. Thanks for writing such a great post.

Talk..to..Grams said...

I love you Connie, You have a tender sweet heart. Love Grams