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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Son Will Never Set Again

“..to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Philip 1:21)

Just as with a new birth, the momma bird prepares her nest for her baby, and the momma bear will also arrange her den before her cub’s arrival. We, too, begin the process of organizing a place for our newborn. It is a God-given instinct—Nesting. A gift— given to us by our Father. For a new day approaches in our life.

Quickly, the years go by in our life as we fast forward. The nest that we built many moons ago has weathered countless storms. But we have fought to keep our home and those we love nestled safely in its place, protected from the elements of the world.

Our season has now come and the sun will soon lay down one last time in our life. We reflect. We may even shed tears over missed opportunities or over losses along our way. Some of us may sit and savor the beautiful sunset as we appreciate the hard day’s work and friends that stopped by through our passage.

For we have heard our Abba’s call home, we begin to prepare for the journey. I see it daily. It’s instinctive as the day we were born. The nest—prepared so long ago is now being torn down and distributed to those we love. Our loved ones sense something is happening but they dare not ask. It would be admitting what they already deep down in their hearts know.

Our spirit knows, too. There is a transcending peace beyond any earthly understanding. In my job as a Hospice Nurse, I see it in their eyes. They speak to me (and sometimes, they don’t have to) as if to say, “I’m ok, my work is done here, I have come to my season of rest.” The families want answers to what they already know. Sometimes, I only have to hold their hands and the tears will flow. For silence is powerful. (Lamentations 3:28 NIV) Our presence and our tears can be one of God’s greatest tools of love.

And when our last breath comes, it really will be our first breath with our Jesus. For then we will walk into the sunset, that of a beautiful Light, our Abba.

And our Journey continues on……As we go to prepare a nest for those left behind. (John 14:2)

Where the Son will never set again.

Rest In His Arms,

6 little hearts from you...:

Denise said...

So very beautiful my friend, love you.

Melli said...

Beauuuuuutiful Connie! SO beautiful!

Hey babe... you are missing a heck of a party around the blogosphere! C'mon over and join the fun!!!

Jen said...

a truely lovely post with lovely pictures to go with it

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Connie, you asked if there was help out there for making these nameplates and yes there is. There is a program that you can use FREE here on line. I will get you the name. It is called PHIXR.com It is easy to use and self explanitory!! I have been using it too. i think you will like it...

Gretchen said...

You should post a "kleenex needed" warning at the top of this post. Simply beautiful. How the Lord has gifted you with the ability to see into others' souls, Connie. You ARE in the right role. xxxooogretchen

Amanda said...

I'm with Gretchen on this one.