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Monday, August 20, 2007

Set Our Captive Hearts Free

“…feed my sheep..” (John 21:17)

A few years ago, I heard a commotion on our back porch so I took a look outside. Apparently a little bird had wondered in and could not find his way back out. My husband was trying to help him back to freedom. Within seconds, I was in on the action. Before long, our children had gathered to assist in this great escape.

Isn’t it amazing how much compassion we have for such a powerless little bird? We had all turned our focus to this helpless little creature, God’s creature.

In Yesterday’s post, I think about the man who does not know Christ, and how God has not given up on him. God is sending out His shepherds one by one after him, wishing that not one be lost.

Remember, too, the conversation between Jesus and Peter, when Jesus said,”Peter, feed my sheep”? I’ll add my own translation here—“At all cost: even if it costs your life Peter, so that you may bring home even just one of My sheep.”

And it may cost us everything:

Popularity—I know I have different friends than those I use to hang
out with. You know—“she’s such a “religious freak.”

Freedom of religion—guys, we are quickly approaching a time where freedom of
religion, open prayer, worship is no longer going to be acceptable. Do you see that, feel
that coming?

Even though…God’s control and probably part of His Ultimate Plan, do we stand by and do nothing?

For just as our little bird, caught the heart of my family, are we not much more important to God than the birds in the sky? (Matt 6:26) God is and always will be in control. Period. End of story. But we all got in on the action. We all came to the rescue.

For we are His sheep.

May God set your captive heart free that it may fly free with the Angels of the Heavenly realms. What holds you back? Give it to God.

That not one soul be lost.

In Him,

6 little hearts from you...:

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

God does not want ONE SOUL to be lost just like that little bird!! Great comparison for this morning!! Bless that little bird. He was probably so frightened!!
Just like us...I know i am frightened a lot of the time especially the older that I get for my hubbys and my future. i try not to be but it is there...in black and white..finances i mean. Wonderful post.. Blessings to you Connie, Sandy

Amy said...

Girl, I love coming over here because you make me think the rest of the day!

I do have another prayer request please. I have a very dear friend, Teresa, that I have witnessed to for so many years now. She's heard it all, but because she is so good she doesn't see the need for a Savior. My heart aches for them. They have moved away now so I don't have as much contact as I used too. Would you please pray for the Taylor's and that someone will reach out to them too? Thank you!

Amanda said...

I am thankful that I am god's sheep and he has brought me to him.

Susan said...

Beautiful, Connie. Thank you for sharing.

:-) Susan

Sharon said...

Good thoughts and so true.

I pray that the Spirit fills you mightily as you deal with this family. I pray that the words coming from your mouth-- amaze even you.
Like Peter and his shadow that God allowed to heal people-- may your contact with this family bring spiritual and physical healing. May they know that they have been in the very presence of God.

You are not the only weird one out there. God brought us to a church of other weirdos a few years ago. But I find the deeper you go--the fewer people there are with you on the straight and narrow road. When the Bible says few will find it--its true.
Keep fishing!

Denise said...

I have missed being blessed by your daily posts, I love you.