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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

We carry our signs. Oh, yes. Pretty little signs with mosaic pieces put together from fragments of our life. Each sign we carry is meant to distract us from who we really are, who God intended us to be. So each day we march to and fro, trying to distract the world with these signs, hoping they won’t see the real us.

Signs made from birth resembling our hearts desires as little girls or little boys. Maybe there is a sign in which we carry, covering up the pain of a lost love—be it a mother, father, or a lover. We search—going through love after love. We desire the “perfect” romance. But, nothing fills the void.

Or maybe —our pretty sign is painted as; “look at me, all my make-up to hide the real me. If you saw me, you wouldn’t like me.” Or the sign of the woman that buries herself in the activities of the church, she can never be found out there! She’s safe. Or so she thinks.

Men, their signs are to be strong and hide their emotions. “Big boys don’t cry”, right? Heaven forbid, the raw, undulating emotions of a man, “you” should be exposed! That, you, really need to sit and talk and say, I’m scared or I need help. What would that say about you? Isn’t that what Satan whispers in your ear? Isn’t that what society whispers in your ear?

Our wounds are deep. And the depths in which we will hide are as deep as the Ocean. A place no man has ever gone, as this is where the truth lies. Maybe, just maybe, God won’t find us there and all that “it” implies. For deep in our hearts shame has made its home. We will find that we no longer make eye contact with those that may find the truth of who we are. Avoidance – just maybe we won’t be found out.

This is where we have lived all our life. This is what Satan would like for us to believe….

But the truth is Christ has the answers. For everything. He is the only One who can fill the void in our life. The only One who can carry our signs.

Christ came…. (John 10:10)

Christ lived….

And Christ gives us life through His grace-filled air….the air we breathe….

Breathe Jesus

6 little hearts from you...:

Bev Brandon said...

loved the double post for emphasis, right? :)
you have tons of wisdom from Above Connie...how awesome that i have finally found courageous friends in the second half of my life who will lovingly tell me what my "signs" are and it has been used by God to change my life cause how we relate so reveals who we are...thanks for the very good post!

Talk..to..Grams said...

This post made me stop and think!

I have been divorced since 1978. Kelly was 4 months old!!

God has really changed my heart and life down through the years!!
Very good post!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Connie, you seem to be wise beyond your years. i know another young lady here in SAvannah around your age that reminds me of you. That is wonderful that you and she are this way. I hesitate to say that you are more filled with the holy spirit that most because that would not be right...but somehow you both just seem to be filled with the wisdom of God!! I really admire that in someone your age!! I still am striving for that...SAndy

Denise said...

You amaze me more everyday my friend, love you so much.

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very very good blog congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

SharonB said...

Another excellent post Connie....so glad I stopped by today. Seems I keep hearing God tell me I need to be more real...authentic...why do we try so hard to cover up the heartbreak and pain?