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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Pruner

“…. which means our bodies will be made free” ( Romans 8:23)

When we were born, we were like a small flower in a tight little bud waiting to bloom. Through life’s circumstances, some of us became beautiful flowers on the vine. Some of us changed colors according the soil we were raised in. Some of us unfortunately withered on the vine as the soil did not sustain life. But most of us, bloomed to a full life of what God had intended.

Depending on the type of flower, we may live a day, a week or many months. Our seasons are all different, aren’t they?

Ever notice the life of a flower? Tightly wrapped in a bud, then they start to bloom, with beautiful little pedals, their skin is so smooth and perfect.
Eventually, the elements take their toll on the skin of the flower and the pedals begin to wrinkle and wither. Ultimately, the season has come that the life of this flower is over.

The pruner—will come and gently remove the dying flower to allow growth of other flowers on this vine.

Our Heavenly Father, when our time has come, comes and picks us up in His arms and takes us home so that our families may grow, love and live in ways only the Father knows of. For the season of the precious loved one has come and gone.

And it is their time to go home to their Pruner.

May God bless all those who have lost a loved one…. May you have peace knowing they are in the arms of our Abba.

7 little hearts from you...:

the night owl said...

Wow... Connie I love this post.The words really hit home and make us be thankful for every day that we live..Thanks for sharing and blessing my day. Baba

SharonB said...

Connie thanks! If it's ok I'm sending this to a friend who is still struggling with the loss of her mom a year ago. Blessings...

Denise said...

This really touched my heart, made me think of my momma. Thanks my friend, I love you.

Talk..to..Grams said...

That blessed me,too. My Mom went to be with the Lord 15 years ago. I still miss her. She was so much help with my special needs daugher Nancy who is 45 now.

Kelly was able to find a picture of her with the football players who came to our house for her Birthday party a couple of years ago!

She posted it last night late, but I am so glad she did it for me!!

Kelly is Nancy and my caregiver. She is my youngest daughter and she lives with me and helps us!!
Wow, is she ever a Blessing!!

amanda said...

We are days away from having our second son. My father passed away 11 years ago after my first son was born. I have thought of him alot this last month.

Anonymous said...

made me think of my babies safe in the arms of Jesus...thank you from my heart...i love your compassion and tender heart for Him...Bev

JUST A MOM said...

That is perfect for life around my town yesterday. thank you.