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Friday, July 13, 2007

Christ Revealed / In Memory of Knox

This month will be 6 years since the death of my dear friends 9-year-old son. And as I think about how special Knox was, I want to remember him and his love for Jesus at such a young age. Before he died, he had asked his dad to read the Bible to him. Even though their plans were cut short, after his death, his dad went to the cemetery and read the Bible each day for one year until his dad completed the Bible--fulfilling his last wish.

Do you believe that God speaks to us in very intimate ways, giving us miraculously moments reassuring of us His peace? If not, maybe you shouldn't read this.

Matthew 14:27 - At once, Jesus said to them, "Don't worry! I am Jesus. Don't be afraid."

Admittedly, I was afraid that day as I drove home from my friends' house just hours after Knox's death. I was devastated. I was angry. I was overwhelmed in disbelief. In a split second, Knox had died coming home from a soccer game. His life was over and his family's life would never be the same.

As I drove home, I looked out my window and questioned God, "How could you?"

Even through my anger, my Abba spoke, He comforted me. For directly facing me out the window was a perfect form of Christ's face and hands. Hands that looked to be holding a small child ---a view portrayed on the road in the reminiscence of a puddle. There were no other puddles anywhere else on the road except for this spot. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that He (God) revealed Himself to me that day. It has taken me a long time to share this. Up until now I have only confided this to my friend and a few very close friends.

God had taken home my friends little boy. I still question why but I know now that it is not for me to know at this point. However, I do know that God will reveal the answer to that question one day--- In the Heavenly realms.

So as our Papa says, "Fear not" --I know there are different fears... actual fear which you can almost taste, fear of the unknown, and fear (the best kind) where you hold the Lord in awesome reverence. I felt fear like the women felt when the angel of the Lord appeared to them to announce the resurrection of Christ.

There was hope and peace the moment Christ revealed Himself on that day.

Really though, doesn't Christ reveals Himself to all of us? Daily.

I would love for you to share your "Christ Revealed" stories with me...

In memory of Knox Britt.

5 little hearts from you...:

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

My friend, may you find peace in all these memories.

Patty said...

I absolutely believe this God encounter you had and I love that God will reveal himself to us in many ways, different ways. I am touched that He revealed himself to you in a puddle. That puddle just brings to my mind the tears you were shedding over Knox. In the midst of tears and anger and grief our loving Lord brought comfort to you in a way that only HE could. Thank you for sharing this, AMAZING!!!

Love You,

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Connie,

I am so glad you are finding Peace and the Love of the Lord in these memories of those precious to you. God is so good and there to us in all times and all ways. Thinking of you and praying as you are such a light of God and his love. I have linked etc and really love getting to know you we are so much alike. Hugs and Love.

In his endless love,

Angel ():)

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your precious memories of dear Knox. I do believe that God reveals His self to us in many ways.

CrownLaidDown said...

I will pray for this family Connie. You know a good friend of mine's friends just lost their son Knox 2 months ago to drowning. Pray for this family of Knox, when you think of your Knox.

My friend's web page is http://hferguson10.blogspot.com Heather tells Knox's story there.

Blessings on you, Sister, as you trasition to the new job. remember the curve that always happens...takes a while to learn the routine at first. Praying for you!