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Monday, July 2, 2007

But I Have The Right Away

(1 Corinthians 9:4) "Don't we have the right to..."

"Chyenne, watch that car!!!"

"Mom, don't yell at me, I have the right away."

Well, what difference will it make if we crash, Ms. Demolition Derby Queen!"

Silence... (other than the sound of my heart pounding in my chest)

And when I finally could speak, I asked my daughter why that situation should have been about rights. Why didn't she just focus on avoiding an accident at all cost. And her response to me again was, "Mom, I had the right away."

I asked my daughter later what she thought happened on the cross. Could she imagine Jesus telling His Father, "But I have rights Dad, I have the right away here, I'm Your Son, NO, I'm not going to die on that Cross."

Instead, Jesus laid down every single right!
His right to be heard.
His right to be vindicated by all those spitting on Him, yelling at Him and soon to hang Him on a cross.
He gave up His right to be respected.
His right to be rescued by His friends, ie Peter.
His right to be right (huge for me).
And most of all, His right to be who He really was, is and that is the Son of God.

The next time you or I say "I have a right to", I would ask yourself, myself-- why, because what makes us any better than Christ? Hmm? Do our troubles and heartbreaks not show us about our true self and our destiny? Oh, we may cry out for rights, but that doesn't make it be. We deal with what we have at hand. My daughter could have cried out for her right away but it would not have prevented the accident had one occurred.

For on the Cross, Christ and Sin collided with tremendous force so that all mankind would walk in His righteousness.

What a price to be paid for a heart-stricken God for the love of all His children.

Maybe it was never about rights, nor should it be, but about our hearts. So as we give up our rights, we gain what? A heart once filled with empty desires for a heart-filled with Christ and that of our deepest desires. Go ahead and dream. (Psalm 37:4)

Who has the right away? For I am going to yield to my heart where my Savior lives.

8 little hearts from you...:

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

Somewhere, in one of my unused wallets, I have an "Always Right" card. Not to be 'right' is a struggle for me. I have to yield that struggle to our Loving Lord every day!

Susan said...

Great reminder, Connie! Thanks for sharing.

:-) Susan

Denise said...

I freely yield my heart to precious Jesus.

Lynn said...


This is a priceless post and work straigh from your life and heart. WOW!! It is beautifully written and stirring.

I was also touched by your daughter. Thank you for sharing your day with me.

Chris said...

AMEN SISTER!! This was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing!!

Susanne said...

Sorry!! That comment labeled "Chris" is really from "Susanne"...I forgot I was logged in under my KISAs profile!! Have a great day!!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

What a beautiful object lesson! She will never forget that one!

Thanks for visiting me - so glad to meet you here. Love the gentle spirit in which you write!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Great post , lesson and reminder. I have found you through Denise's blog hope you don't mind I stopped in.

In his endless love,

Angel ():) ( Angel Mama )