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Monday, June 25, 2007


(Psalm 90:10) " if we have the strength; yet their span is but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass..."


We are not immune to it. We have all experienced it. We may be experiencing it right now.

Interestingly, I sometimes listen to people try to explain God's reasoning to why sorrow creeps into our life’s. "Oh, it must be God's will". Or I have heard, "It was a mistake, God didn't mean for this to happen". Mostly, I just hear it explained as we are in a fallen world and it is what it is.

The bottom line, we can't change it. But what we can change is our attitude towards it. We know that sorrow will come and it will. We can do nothing to prevent it. So how will we handle it when it does come our way? Will we ask God to help us through it instead of taking us out of it?

Do we grow in the Lord when life is going our way? Really? I don't. I get complacent, comfortable, and yes, lazy.

Or do we grow closer to Him in the midst of our sorrows? Yes, it is sad to say, but this is life. This is how it is. Sorrow brings us to our knees. Sorrow will weed out the pettiness of our life and reveal the true depths of our soul. It will bring us to a place of intimacy with our Savior.

Look around, those life's around you. You can easily recognize someone who has been through the fires of sorrow. They have a peace like no other. They gladly welcome you into their arms and embrace you with a love like no other. They have been pruned of all self-righteousness, pride and their priorities in life have changed. Their fruit bears a sweet fragrance of Christ.

Embrace your sorrow, as it is the food to our soul that will be nourishment to others….

Visit my friend Nise, as she has also learned to embrace sorrow on this day 21 years ago.

Love to you all,

12 little hearts from you...:

forgiven4this said...

Yes, I totally agree with you...sorrow comes to us all.....and when it does, how do we respond. Loved this post reminds me of the sorrow I have walked through and have conquered amen to that

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

Refiner's fire. Without the heat, nothing is refined. Sorrow is part of our refining.

Still praying for you!

Nise' said...

What a timely post on the day we remember the still birth of our son, Corey. I posted about it and after reading your post realized another thing I learned was to ask for God's presence through the sorrow and not always asking for it to be removed. Those times of sorrow bring such an intimacy, whew, there is nothing like it when it comes.

Patty said...

Yes, you are so right. These times of sorrow that we face can be some of the sweetest times we will ever have with Jesus!! Thank God he brings us thru and makes us stronger than we were before!!

Love You,

Denise said...

Amen, so very true my friend.

Leigh Gray said...

amen sista!!! preach it!!

Love it! Leigh

Leigh Gray said...

Hey - I forgot I had not gotten back with you........ sorry.........

I will send you some pictures of what I have. I am not sure if they are cell phone carriers or Ipod. my first guess is cell phone. but they are cute!

I will send the pictures to you in a snappy.

Susan said...

I always worry about people who think it's God's will when sorrow comes. I think God uses those situations. I just can't buy into the idea that God "does" this stuff to teach us lessons. Instead, I DO think He uses the situations that we get into to teach us to yield to Him.


:-) Susan

TammieFay said...

Amen! I truly believe that if we allow it..sorrow tenders our hearts toward God. He is the Master Potter and we are the clay...pliable, useful, in His hands. Only He knows the beauty that will come forth!

Jen said...

i like to remember past sorrows when I am going through the fire
it has been the times when Jesus has called me to Him most
I also like to remember that all things work together fro those that love Christ He will bring something good out of the sorrow

Linda said...

Very touching.

eph2810 said...

Like you said - the sad thing is that we grow complacent if everything goes well--we seem to talk less to God in good times. I like what you said:
"Will we ask God to help us through it instead of taking us out of it?"
I'd rather cling to Him than walking the road of sorrow on my own.

Thank you so much for sharing, Connie. Needed to read it tonight.

Blessings to you and yours.