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Saturday, June 16, 2007

He is Just as Healthy as -- well --a Boy...

Yesterday, I took our son to Scottish Rite for his second follow up for some problems he had been having. After his first trip I could sense he was a bit nervous. I have to admit I was too.

The night before he and I had prayed that everything would be just fine and at the end we prayed for peace. After our prayers, we discussed peace, what it looked like, how it felt, what it meant. So I think my son was trying really hard to have that "peace." Bless his heart.

Well on our way to the hospital, I have to give the glory to God (as always) because here is a picture of the sky which opened up a whole conversation for us.

When we see this anytime, we always say Jesus is talking to us. So I asked Hogan what did he think this meant or what was Jesus saying. And this is what he said, "Jesus is with me and everything will be OK." Yes, tears slid down my cheeks. As peace transcended over me, I also saw it come over him.

The remainder of our ride was very much one of peace.

Update: His test were normal. He was released with a clean bill of health. Praise God. My son said, "it was Jesus". Yes it was.

I must say, I said many prayers that day for all the other children I ran across. And I counted my many blessings.

One more thing I wanted to share. On our way home, as my 11-year-old son shared his precious heart. We were talking about my new job with Hospice and he finally said, "Oh I get it, you are going to be God's Assistant". Well, yes that just about sums it up, doesn't it.

And do you think that maybe, just maybe God used a seemingly bad situation and turned it into something good, something precious that taught not only a little boy but also his momma something?!?! Faith... Peace.. .Trust... Surrender.

This is what Jesus meant in that childlike faith.

Blessings my lovely friends... Love to you all.

7 little hearts from you...:

Bev Brandon said...

my missionary daughter was a patient at Scottish Rite for 13 years---could be why she has had three health scares this past year that loomed large concerning cancer but she is healthy today praising her precious Lord...
so happy for health for hogan...
thanks for the tender post...thanks sweet connie....
praying for your steadfast boy...
i will never be struggle free
in this life
but i want to struggle well
to wrestle with my awesome God
over the things that matter
so much....
all i know is this that
in the midst of my struggles
HE is showing up
with such an overwhelming
sense of His Presence
day in day out
He haunts me and
it is so good
I am so desperate
for His Word
for His Voice
for His Life
for Him
and I struggle...
but I am finding a
rest I never knew
a piece of peace that passes

Bev Brandon said...

I CANNOT GET MY POSTS TO ONE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my homestate... post you Monday

Patty said...

Your son is so sweet!! I love that, God's Assistant. Wow! Your pictures and Holly's pictures really minister to me. I am all about enjoying God's creation, Jesus and I spend alot of time enjoying his creation together. I am so glad he gave your son peace and I can just imagine he made God smile that day!

Love You,

P.S. I see you liked your picture I put up just for you. ;)

Susan said...

I love that he gave Jesus the credit. That's wonderful.

:-) Susan

Denise said...

Your son is a precious blessing, just like his mom. I praise God for his clean bill of health. I love you my friend.

eph2810 said...

Oh, Connie what a beautiful witness to His never ending love for us.
It is so awesome that you and your son had the prayer time and the time in car to just talk. I cherish these moments with our son till this day.

Be blessed today and always.

Gretchen said...

Thanks a lot for making me cry!

My boy will be 11 in July. I'll never forget praying over him as we did some neuro/neuropsych tests last year...He asked me if the doctors would find out that "he was a lost cause"...After pulling the spear out of my heart, I told him that if he was, I was, and that I knew he was fearfully and wonderfully made, with a special purpose--his alone--from God.

Thank you, Jesus that Hogan is okay. Thank You for his faith at such a tender age, and for his mother and father who love You, and teach him through their actions about peace and total submission to Your will. Thank You for our cups, which runneth over. In Jesus' name, amen.