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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


"Though it tarry, wait for it." Habakkuk 2:3

Our grandson, "Jack Jack" (Jackson) has just learned to walk. Such a beautiful sight of the innocence of new life. But when he's in a hurry, he resorts back to his old way of crawling. He knows he can get there faster. So on the floor, he takes off and goes.

I am not sure I have ever outgrown that attribute-- that of impatience. As patience is not one of my better traits. I, too, will resort back to some of my old ways when I can get to where I am going faster. Yes, even at the expense of my relationship with my Papa.

Waiting is just too hard sometimes. And I often run ahead of our Abba.

Ask one of the parents what it was like to have waited for news on April 16th to see if their child was one of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre.

Ask a Mother what it is like to wait nine months to see if her unborn child is ok after being exposed to a chemical.

Ask a spouse what it is like to wait on the pathology report of a recent biopsy of their loved one.

Imagine, Moses 40 years in the desert. Waiting…

Waiting….on the voice of God.

Even when there is a long season in silence.


Even when we are sitting at the feet of Jesus, inhaling the Holy Fragrance, just waiting on His timing…


Even when we think we have His vision in front of us.

What about Holiness? I want it all now. But isn't sanctification a process and that we will not reach until we stand before our Lord?

So we wait…..patiently…..though it tarry...

In His Holy Fragrance.


3 little hearts from you...:

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

They that WAIT upon the Lord will renew their strength! This is our 'marriage' verse...you know like a couple's song but this is our verse.

And the hard part, living in our society today, is that waiting...




Denise said...

Wonderful post, thank you.

Susan said...

My favorite scripture is that picture of Waiting, Mounting up on wings like Eagles, Walking and not fainting, Running and not growing weary. Yet, waiting is SO hard, sometimes. May we all allow ourselves time to marinate and wait and give time where time needs to be given. Great post.


:-) Susan