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Thursday, April 19, 2007


(Romans 6:1-2) "What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase?May it never be!..."NASB

Yesterday as I was pulling out of a parking lot at the music room (that is another devotional), I noticed a woman trying to pull into a space (which wasn't exactly an allotted parking spot) next to me. Slowly, she eased (and I do mean eased) her car in trying to avoid a rather large concrete post. Little by little she inched her car closer trying to pull her car out of the roadway; however, she continued to come mighty close to that post. Yes, by now this whole scene has mesmerized me. Why? I am not sure but nonetheless, I am and I realize I am holding my breath as she continues her parking 101.

At one point, I even think why doesn't she just stop! It is obvious she is going to hit the post. And no sooner that it was out of my mind (since I didn't actually say it) it happened, she hit the post. My first thought, ok maybe my second thought was to roll down the window of my jeep and say yell, "Tell me it just ain't so, you didn't do that", but then I thought better of it. Because that was my life I just witnessed. Blatant sin!

A little sin-- no big deal-- we have the grace of God-- a little more sin-- you got it…. Sure we are forgiven, it says so in the Bible. But what about natural consequences? What happens when we crash and burn? What about each time we cross the line? Addictions? No on starts out as an addict. It starts out just a little here and a little there and before long you have hit a concrete wall.

What I didn't mention earlier was that in the parking lot, this woman had many other options to park in. Why she chose this particular one, I just don't know.

We, too, have a choice, as we are included in Christ's sin-conquering death, through His life-saving resurrection. (Romans 6, The Msg)

Where will you park your life?

7 little hearts from you...:

Anonymous said...

Great devo - girl!!! Love your insight on everyday events. I love to write that way, too. Pray for me -- I'm in a slump -- STILL! Going to get in the Word this morning and praying something comes out. Have you noticed that as more and more people read your stuff you experience this panic that you need to get something out there??? Just curious....


Sharon said...


Stop stepping all over my toes!

Okay don't stop...we all need to hear what we need to hear. :-)

Keep on keeping on,

Connie Barris said...

Dori, I am going to answer this here in case someone else wants an answer...

Let me say I have just been there... very recently and that Ladder of Brokenness I spoke of? That was me just months ago.
You mentioned my writing, well that comes from one who came out of an abyss of darkness. Because I had to perform for others.

so with that said, who are you writing for, first of all?

The intimacy between the Papa and you, us-- is one thing....you don't have to perform for His love.

Performing-- well it is a totally different type of big horrible hairy three-eyed monster.

Since my recent return to writing, I started slow, as a matter of fact, this week was the first week that I started sending devo's back out to two large groups that I have. And I told them, if God puts it on my heart, it will come to you..If not, It won't.

Each day, I get up and thank Him, I love Him and if He has something to say, I write it down. If not, then I sure don't sweat it...

what an awesome place to be...

Let me tell you, it just isn't worth it.... that is Satan luring you into this place.... It looks good, it's actually beautiful....your writing is awesome..it's for God..But is it OF God....what is it doing for you? Again,is it of God if it is a burden... because..
you know where I"m going, don't you? Matt 11:28-30... "my burden is light"

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Very good, my friend! I know exactly what you are speaking of. And I hear your words of exhortation, encouragement, admonishment, warning, and all of that other Godly stuff we are supposed to do for one another. You are precious and I wish I could hug you around the neck this morning. Thank you so much for the remind that IT MUST BE ALL ABOUT HIM OR IT MUST NOT BE! ;)


the night owl said...

Hi connie,..Thanks for stopping by my blog today.When you worked in the OR,now we still have OR's on the mother/baby floors.The Docs would hand off the babies to us.All special care nurses have to attend all c/s.I loved every minute with my babies...
come back to visit me. Baba

Linda said...

I love how observant you are. Keep writing these.

Linda said...

Come back and see my re: Napoleon Dynamite.