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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ladder of Brokenness

(Exodus 3:14) "… I AM……"

"'I AM'--so that you won't have to be". That is a pretty powerful statement. But how many of us still think we need to handle the small stuff? We start out with the small things, handling them that is. And then depending on how well that goes, we move up the ladder of the corporate world of our Almighty. It's the 'work' thing, ya know? All along, God is whispering His love, "But "I AM". But we just keep climbing.

Take it from one who has recently been there. God wants it ALL. Even the itsy bitsy things of our life. Believe Him when He says, "it's no bother", ok maybe it isn't quoted exactly like that in the Bible but you get the picture.

So maybe you keep climbing like I did, let me tell you, the ladder WILL break. You don't want to go there! Remember the Tower of Babel? Yea, well this was the Ladder of Brokenness. I was at a point that I couldn't even breathe on my own. I was helplessly broken. The small things, well let's just say God was now handling those. I could not handle anything any longer. I now heard Him loud and clear, "I AM--so that you won't have to be".

Don't wait until you fall off the ladder, listen for His voice now.

Take even the smallest things in your life to Him.

For He is the Great, "I AM"--so that you won't have to be"

For your burdens can become your brokenness unless you let God be your every breath.

Hallelujah \0/ \0/


2 little hearts from you...:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Connie, for this post! It was meant for me today. I will think about it all day "as I go." I don't always take the time to comment, but I read your writing everyday and I'm amazed at how your writing has evolved into such depth! What insight! Keep going, girl!!


Susan said...

Beautiful, Connie, just beautiful. Yes, He does want EVERYTHING. Thanks for your beautiful words.


:-) Susan