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Saturday, April 14, 2007

GoT RaNdOm?

Well, I was randomly chosen by a not so Random method by the wondermous Linda over at 2nd- up-of-coffee when she had recently been on a fast and then overdosed on her coffee beans. You should have seen her questions!! So it's my turn to repay the respects of these 5 questions, the pressure is on after the dozies that Ms Linda threw hurled my way.

My choosing of the innocent really had no method to the madness, I just picked those of you with your tongues hanging out...so here it goes, Papa Bear, Whit, Deena, Nise, Dori and Lynn D., Linda you are optional if you have time.. You are such a hoot. (Disclaimer--Friends don't let your friends drive-----RaNdOm... LOL)

Now, the object of this game (Like I really know, I' still think it's some illegal game)... is to answer these questions, then pass it onto your 5....

Baby, On your mark, get set.... you got it.

1. We all have our pet peeves, right? Where you know better than to run down the car in front of you that is driving way too slow. But what if you were suddenly stripped of the control of your impulses? What if you now had no boundaries and no control over your impulses? What would you do? Now is your chance to run the car down? Tell us in detail what you would do. (You can go through forgiveness later.)

2. What if your tongue became a magnet? (Too much time on the computer, I guess) You are invited to a five star restaurant with the CEO of your company, how are you going to handle the silverware? Not using the silverware is an option.
(Remember you have to impress this person.)

3. Tonight is the finalist for the Karaoke night and you and your friends are in the final 3. You have chosen your song. Yee-Haw. It will be a great night.But guess what? One of your friends has laryngitis, the other’s dog was run over by a bicycle and she is too upset to sing. So it’s you, baby. Now, once you get there, they have lost the words to the song you were going to sing. Wouldn’t luck have it?
So, you have to choose a song, without the music. What is it going to be? Why?

4. You are a cartoon charter. Who are you and why?

5. Your mom gave you a sweater for Christmas. It is the ugliest thing you have ever seen in your life, not only that but it’s tight but will do. You want to chunk it. But your mom will ask about it every time you see her (which is often). Her whole identity is wrapped up in this gift to you.

First, how are you going to respond to this gift? Second, what are you going to do when it comes time to wear it in public (and you will be expected to wear it in public—not wearing or taking it back for exchange is NOT an option).

Hey, out there... all of you can play...more the merrier... so come on...you know you want to!

6 little hearts from you...:

Whitney said...


Nise' said...

Another post done in which I make a complete fool of myself!

My random answers are here.

Lynn Donovan said...


You are a hoot... These questions are funny. I will post on my Lynn Donovan site on Monday. Thanks for asking to join in. You make me smile. Love and hugs, Lynn PS. Will let you know when it is up. :)

Linda said...

WOW--caffeine was my excuse--What's YOURS??! These are good. When I'm not under allergy attack with two Benadryl in me, I'm all over this! Thanks for playing!

little sister said...

sorry, no blog of my own to post my answers. so here goes.
1. my true pet peeve is slow drivers in the left lane... so i would just have to ride them until they moved over so i could go around. unless of course the other lane was open then i'd be nice.
2. tongue magnet. hum. i'm sure there is something the character in the pursuit of happiness would do to make it okay, but i'm not that quick witted. i guess i'd just have to be tugging on my fork all night.
3.karaoke.... the only song i know all the words to is bye bye miss american pie. after i sang that i would hunt my friends down and have them shot.
4. cartoon...garfield. attitude, lasagna, and naps. need i say more?
5.sweater...where to go with this one......i would look over at you first so you would know you had one coming too. then i would smile and say thank you. of course i would wear it but only at home.
that was fun.
thanks for letting me play along.

Deena said...

Mine will be up at Junk in the Trunk tomorrow morning...and you ask some meaty questions, ma dear!!

Somebody needs to teach me how to leave a link in my comments:-(