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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Love Letter From God

(Matthew 6:10) "Your Kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."

"My beloved you can't do it all. Did I not promise you that I would take care of you and every detail of your life? Don't be Martha, my beloved. Don't get so busy that you get exhausted, frustrated, and angry to the point where you start looking for the closest person to vent to, to blame, whether it is yourself and or others. Remove yourself from the responsibility of everything and replace yourself with Me. All I ask you is to show up. When I wake you up every morning I wake you up for my purpose. I will see to it that my purpose and will is accomplished and I will provide all the necessary "essential" resources to get what I want done. You may not get done what you would like to get done but I am determined to get what I want done, in spite of you. You can either fight me or allow me to work through you. Don't worry about who is doing what, how much. Close your eyes and ask yourself what would happen if I took you today. My will would still be accomplished.
Would you rest in Me?
Don't you think I know you can't do all the things that are asked of you today? Stop trying. You are stressing yourself out and everyone around you and it isn't necessary. Stop taking ownership of everything and exercise that "so called faith" you claim to have.
Be like Mary, my beloved, rest and keep your eyes on Me. I will see to it that everything that is essential, meaningful and eternal gets done. The amount of things you have to do and the amount of demands put on you does not change My power to accomplish them. Do your part by being obedient and trust in Me and I guarantee I will do my part in giving you peace.

I love you my beloved.

Now just relax.


“Your Dad"

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