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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Don't Do Mean People!

(Ephesians 2:2) "...in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience..." NASB

I don't do mean people. They send chills up my spine. I want to go pinch their heads off. I want God to come down break their legs. I want them to be stricken with some horrid ailment with gross visible sores. I want them to be publicly humiliated like I was probably just done. I want them to feel great remorse.

I know you probably think what kind of Christian must I be, right? Have you read Psalm109:1-14 ? David felt the same way. He openly cried out these words.

Now do I really feel this way? No. But at that brief moment, yes I did. And God knew I did so I expressed myself and then walked through the steps of validating my hurt and then forgiving this poor soul that I just ripped apart.

Do you remember when we were children how we expected the world to serve us at all cost? Have you watched a child lately? They became demanding to the point of a temper-tantrum if the needs or wants were not met.

For some of us as we grew older, our selfish character became our default drive. And we learned to call it self-expression, freedom of speech, and our God-given right.

I wouldn't be too quick to judge others who suddenly come to mind; we all have fallen into this category at some point in our life. Otherwise, Paul would not have felt the need to address this.

We seek a religion that fits our lifestyle. We dispose of friends because of a disagreement. We think the grass is greener on the other side. We disown our children because they don't meet our expectations. "But a wonder God didn't lose His temper and do away with the whole lot of us" (Eph 2:4)

But He didn't.

It is when we make the biggest mess of our life and fall completely broken, shattered and hopeless, that our "Abba will pick us up and set us down in the highest Heaven in company with Jesus, our Messiah." (Eph 2:6)

So I am thinking that maybe if God can be so accepting of these "Mean people" then maybe I can accept and love them through His eyes... who knows I may have even been one of those "Mean people" at some point in my life...

Rest if our Abba's arms...


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