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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Papa, Where Are You?

(Hebrews 13:5) "...I will never leave you... "

This morning I sat in my Abba's lap. Silently, I sat there embraced in His warmth. But before long I had squirmed right out of His lap and I was on my way into the day.

Just as my children use to do--until soon I would hear their tiny voice, "Momma" and before long panic would set in, "Momma, where are you?" Frantically, they would look for me. I had been right there in the house all along, I would never leave them alone.

Today was no different for me as a child of God. As the day wore on, I sought my Father. "Papa." As I sat silently in the church during the funeral of one of my friends I cried, "Papa, where are you?"

Frantically, I spent my day searching for my Papa. I know that He promises that He will never leave me but today I needed to Him to hold me.

After all, it was me that crawled out of His lap, wasn't it?

Tomorrow, once again I will crawl into my Papa's lap, just maybe, very soon I will learn to sit in His presence.


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