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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What Time Is It?

“My times are in Your hands......“(PSALM 31:15)

OK Father, do you get where I am coming from? I have a time schedule and you are keeping me from moving forward. When I went back to work, I kind of wanted you to start giving me some answers after all, I did take this whole long sabbatical. Now, wasn’t that what you wanted me to do? So at least you could start giving me some clues to what you have in store for me! I mean it was a whole month.

So here I go again, pacing the floor. Looking for reasons, answers to the “Why’s.” I even called up my friend Bruce last night and cried on his shoulder... My husband finally just shook his head and said, “What is the problem? Quit jumping ahead of God” And I think I heard both Brad and Bruce yell at the same time “Rest.”

You ever lose your glasses and they were on your head all along? Duh!

One of my answers was right there. I finally got it this morning....

Well sort of anyway. I’m not going to get all the answers from God just because I went back to work. I’m not going to get His plan for my life on my time schedule. It will be on my Papa’s. I have got to stand still long enough to listen (imagine that!). So far, I’m batting a zero. I couldn’t play on the pre-K T-ball team with the blind.

So, Father once again, I put my time into Your hands.... I rest in You. Slowly--I am learning.

As my grandson is learning to walk, I rejoice in his tiny little steps..and yes he falls..but I cherish each moment.... each attempt...... I too know my Papa rejoices each time I make one tiny stride.

Your Beloved Daughter,

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