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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Christian Perspective??

I have had a stirring, uncomfortable at times, since hearing of the death of Bin Laden. If I am honest, I will admit to rejoicing on the initial announcement in learning of the Navy Seals storming Bin Laden's home and taking his life---long overdue.

Then my mind wondered to what he was thinking now as he stood before God. A sadness washed over me.

Confused over the emotions of anger and sadness, I prayed for enlightenment. I have family in the military that are putting their lives on the line for people "like this." We know what it is like to sit around the Christmas table each year without our family as they are off at war fighting for our freedom. Truly, I do understand.

Also, I understand what it is like to lose someone in the brutality of murder. I have lost my best friend and my step dad at the hands of the evil. Yet, I chose to forgive.

In this post, this pastor does a good job explaining what I have felt... and I thought I would share...


2 little hearts from you...:

Karin said...

My sentiments exactly - there is no rejoicing over someone's death. I read that one of Osama's followers said, "Osama is in all of us," and that his ideology would not die with his death. Thanks for sharing Johnathan Martin's link.

lisasmith said...

Thanks for sharing!! I don't rejoice in a sinner dying before coming to Christ either but I also think of biblical times and the enemies of God were put to death... I'm so thankful I am no longer an enemy of His but a child!!