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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Cinderella Story

I preferred most days cloudy with the occasional thunderstorms. In the background, working and doing what others asked. I did not say that I did not balk as this was my victim mentality. And this was the only way I knew how to mask my frailty—stay busy. My self-made veil covered the real me.

I am a Cinderella Story.

Hidden in a dark and dreary dungeon for most of my life by life’s circumstances and then by choice, I was called many years ago by my Prince. “Have you no daughters?” cried Abba.

Slowly with hesitation, I walked forward. With my face bowed, my shame prevailed—but I came as called. Abba stood before me and took my tender-broken heart. He wrapped His hands around it. My heart fit perfectly in His palms. I looked up and saw His eyes. “This is her, the one I have come for--she is My bride and I have come to take her Home,” cried Jesus. The raging war that had been there imploded. Something supernatural happened. Soon, there was a crescendo of passion; the music of His love began to swell until there was a climax of peace.

He lifted my veil… The pureness, the sacredness of the moment would be forever reminding of the vulnerability of this life—my life.

I now know that my most perfect days may end in rain...

Those are now some of my best days wrapped in the arms of my Bridegroom... for the Marriage has come.

4 little hearts from you...:

Karin said...

Beautifully touching - wrapped in walls of our own choosing, HE found us and set us free to be forever HIS!! Loved it!

Technonana said...

Wonderfully touching post, I know so many and some very close to my heart that could have written these same words!!
Praising God for just how amazing, loving and wonderful He is!!
He Changed Me!!

Melli said...

Beautiful Connie! And sO is that song!

Denise said...

This post so tenderly, and beautifully touched my heart sis, bless you.