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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bring The Rain

So today, my inner soul felt like it was raining...crying big tears...puddles within my spirit.

You ever get that way?

So I'm driving in my car from one patient to another, listening to the radio and praying. And I just cry out to my Lord, "Well, where are You? Can't You just come and sit right next to me. If you can hear me. Or if You even care."

For what seemed like eternity... but in reality was no more than seconds, the radio went silent. And then a song came on. I don't know the name of the song and would probably never recognize it again. But will never forget these words. "My Son came in Your place and died on the Cross. For my love is strong, My love is pure. And all for you ." (paraphrased)

Powerful? Oh, it was as if Papa Himself came down to sit "right next to me."

Lord, bring the rain... if it means being close to You.

8 little hearts from you...:

Denise said...

Amen, bring the rain.

Julie said...

Oh man I love this!!!

Thanks for sharing.....

Thinking of you today. I have to drive to Dalton on Thursday to take my son to the eye doctor....I was thinking about how you are just across the freeway and down a ways....

Some day we will meet face to face. Until then I am grateful to see your heart on display.

Hugs & Love sent your way,

Becoming Me said...

That was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that...so important to draw close to Him at all times and that rain..it does indeed bring us closer and drenches us in His love

Melli said...

Ahhhhhh yes! A God-wink! LOVE 'em!

Nancy said...

Amen, I love it when we can actually feel the presence of God so near. He comes just at the perfect time.. Thanks for sharing this.

A Stone Gatherer said...

What a wonderful moment! Isn't he amazing!

JUST A MOM said...

Just checkin on ya,,, HUGS

Technonana said...

Powerful, Sweet One, Powerful!!
Isn't He Wonderful!! We ask!! He answers!!! And leaves us speechless and breathless!!
How can you not LOVE this God of Wonders!!!
"Just when I need Him most, He is always there!"