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Monday, October 29, 2007

And The Last Rain Fell

(Genesis 3:24) "….. So He drove the man out…."

As Adam and Eve left the Garden, did it grow dark? Did they cry as they left the Garden? Did the earth shake? Did they realize the impact of their decision or the consequences of what had just happened?

Did the first rain fall? Or was it the tears of God falling from the Heavens? Had they just caused our Abba tremendous Fatherly sorrow?

I could blame Adam and Eve but then would I have been the first to sin? Would the pressure have been on me? Would I have been the one to finally break the chain of perfection?

Was this God's intention all along, that a mighty war would take place to end the "war of all wars" between Satan and God? What took place in the Heavenly realms?

A fallen Angel?


So the last of all sins would be crushed, "And You shall bruise him on the heel." (Gen 3:15) And Adam and Eve slowly walked from the perfection they knew. Over their shoulder they stole one last look at the Garden as they left and the tears fell from their eyes. Anguish. Emotions flooded their souls leaving them with an emptiness they had never known.

Many years later-- our Redeemer walked amongst us, and also "Jesus wept". (John 11:35) Did we break His heart also? Where did these tears come from? Did these tears fall from His Father? (John 10:30)

Whether Adam and Eve caused the first sin or you and me, this fight will soon be over. Because Our Father has sent His Son to bring His children (us) home. (Jn 3:16)

And "God will wipe every tear from their eyes". (Rev 7:17)

We will stand before our Papa and He will hold our face in His hands, gently He will wipe away each tear, smiling and we will know Him by His love. (1Jn4:7)

And it will be the last rain of the season…

For it will be the last tear shed…...

Living the Supernatural.........

7 little hearts from you...:

Linda said...

You mentioned blaming Adam and Eve and yet wondering what we would have done ... I'm learning to place myself directly into many Bible stories because they are all our stories. Well written.

Denise said...

So lovely my dear one, you are blessed by God. I love you bunches.

Cheryl said...

Oh how touching! That was such a good post. I love visiting you. You have really been a blessing to me this morning. Thanks

Donetta said...

My Dear I am held in the palm of your words.
Be Embraced.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

Melli said...

Yet another beautiful and thought provoking post Connie! (how do you DO it so regularly!?) Must be divine guidance...

Have you been to my house? Did you knock on ALL my doors? Did you get your treats??? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Sharon said...

That was good.
Can't wait for that moment when I look into His eyes for real and tell him how I love Him. And then wrap my arms around His waist and lay my head on His chest and breathe in Him.
AAAAAAAAA..finally home.