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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Forgiveness?? Just Look At Jesus

You think it would be a simple act. That it would be easy ------

That as compared to opening one's hand and releasing the end of a rope.....
dropping heavy baggage that one has carried many hours through the day.

But instead it's like when we run a race and someone moves the finish line further and further away.
It is like rerouting a Class V rapid river that requires a tour guide (due to its danger) back upstream....

What should be so simple is one of the most difficult things in life!!

I would rather smack someone then deal with this. I would rather bite my tongue off then step forward and step on my pride and humility that comes forth from this act.

What? Why, Papa?

This forgiveness You talk about. If I pay attention to You, You really did teach us how to forgive, didn't You?

Or if I do forgive, then I'll never forget it. We think those two go hand in hand.... But they don't, do they? Our brains aren't wired that way--we aren't going to forget--so forget trying to forget-
but what we do with the memory can create a path of healing or destroy us in the bitter decay of its disease.

Forgiveness---How do we forgive? How did Jesus do it?

1st-- He validated His concerns, fears and pain
Remember in the Garden
"Father, take this cup" (Luke 22:42)

It is ok for us to validate our hurts... To embrace them.. they were / are real

2nd --Jesus surrendered His rights as the Son of God
He walked- carrying the Cross to His death.
How many of us could have really done that? I would have
Hopped down off the cross and said, "No way"
He totally surrendered all His rights

This is the tough part,,, I surrender my rights to be heard, the right to be understood and yes, even the right to be right, ouch!

3rd-- Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, ......" (Luke 23:34)
even as He died on the cross, beaten, spit on, humiliated, He forgave us

and we say we can't forgive?? Oh, yes we can....!!!!

Forgiveness is releasing someone of all debts....knowing you may be hurt again....

Forgiveness is not... with the expectation that the person will ever own up to their wrongs, or ask for forgiveness.

Just look at Jesus...


1 little hearts from you...:

Linda said...

Connie, forgiveness is THE most difficult thing to do in life. We say we do it, but I wonder ... also, please come see me because I have your random questions!