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Thursday, April 26, 2007

And On the 7th Day There Was Rest

(Psalm 23:2-3) " He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul;…"

Sometimes, I just can't get it right. I rest when I should be working or praying; and I work when I should rest. But I am not alone, after all, remember Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane? Jesus asked the Disciples to pray with Him in His hour of most need and what did they do, they slept! Then look at the big storm on the Lake. The Disciples were having a major panic attack and were yelling for their Master, and poor Jesus was sleeping away. (Mark 4:38)

Often my Abba calls me to rest, He calls me to come away with Him? But the winds may be strong in my life, too strong to hear His voice and I do not listen or hear Him. And sometimes, I am just too busy. There is a job, of course. Let's not forget the kids to feed, college to pay for. What about dinner, the house to clean (when I get to it). Bills to pay. And Papa, I have these church obligations. I mean really, I am serving You, after all.

Boy, did you just hear me? I'm too busy for You because I'm busy in the church.

When I say it out loud, it doesn't sound so good. It sounds like I have my priorities all mixed-up, doesn't it? It looks like I have become too busy. How did this happen? How to I get back to the rest and the intimacy with You?

Is this what you meant when You said;
"You make me lie down in green pastures"?

That life's circumstances would sometimes force me to find that rest when life becomes too much? I know about that, don't I? It hasn't been too long ago that I was just there. I can just imagine sitting next to a creek where the waters run, dipping my feet into the coolness of the water and hearing the water as it trickles over the rocks. All my senses are being stimulated and rejuvenated to their fullest. The tranquility and breath taking beauty of You, awaits me. There is no one but You and I to once again reconnect and this is where You will "restore my soul".

There I will find rest. I will be replenished of the desires of my Abba. I will find the love and the passion once again in the new day dawning….

My Papa reminds me that on the 7th day, there was rest….



5 little hearts from you...:

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...


I would rest but I'm too busy reading that book whenever I have spare time and this is baseball season and on TV there are all the season finales....

Oh my!

Maggie said...

I have an entire category on my blog called "rest" because it's a subject I so often need to hone in on.

I gotta tell you, this picture is just too much. I love it.

I was just commenting on someone's blog yesterday that I read that:
"He MAKES me lie down". You know, like I MAKE my kids take a nap?


Well written.


Lynn Donovan said...

This is just lovely. Neat post and can I relate!!!!!!!!!!

Bev Brandon said...

Love your blog...jumped over to it from LPM blog when I saw you comment about AACC...a counselor saved my life this past year---NO, MY GOD SAVED MY LIFE---but used this guy when PTSD happened to me and I was not able to function. God picked me up and set me solid back on the ground. So I have great respect for counselors like you and loved lingering on your blog. Rest...was just reading a book a few minutes ago that said the literal translation for "pray always" is "come to rest." Sounds like your God has invited you to a rest and hope beyond measure. You sound like a really precious person. I'm going to check out the AACC thingy. Thanks so much. And thank you for I John 5:4 --- bringing your faith to many for that's what overcomes the world. Sorry this was way too long.

Denise said...

Your blog is such a heart blessing.