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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Perfect Wave

(Psalm 46:10) "Be Still and Know that I AM God"

Growing up at the beach, one of my pastimes was watching surfers. Oh, I attempted it a few times. I came to enjoy body surfing much more. There was definitely an art to surfing. I so admired them. I learned that you had to wait on just the right wave. Did I say wait? Oh my, not one of my better qualities I might add.

I would watch the surfers and they would sometimes wait for a long stretch of time before catching the perfect wave. The rewards were worth it because they would ride what seemed like eternity back to shore on the most beautiful wave. Sometimes, on top of the wave, sometime underneath the wave, the joy was the same.

Sounds a lot like our life, doesn’t it? Listening to God! Waiting on His timing. But sometimes I want to jump ahead of Him. Sometimes I do just that, jump ahead of Him. And when I do, the outcome may be a fizzled out dream or falling off the board of life into an ocean of turbulent desires.

Why is it so hard? To wait that is, on my Father’s voice? Why can’t I learn from my childhood memory? To just stand still and wait on my Abba for that perfect wave. There I can ride on the top of the world with Him and yes, I may even have to ride underneath the waves at times.

But the joy will be the same.

As it will be the perfect wave.

And I will be riding with my Abba.

His Beloved,

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