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Sunday, March 25, 2007

After The Storm There is Amazing Grace

(Isaiah 25:5) " But you, shelter from the storm and shade from the sun..." The Msg

I shared the other day in my devotional I will praise you in the storm that after storms in our life there is a time when we may "Little by little come out, grab some food and scurry back into the hole just like the creatures of nature. Then the next day we do it again but this time we stay out a little longer. Eventually, we are back into the real world again."

At this point in my life, I'm still in the coming out little by little, grabbing what I need and crawling back into my hole. Is it safe? I had a significant storm in my life. I am still picking up the pieces of the damage caused by the storm. Some days I can actually stay out a little longer than others.

Try being near the top rung of the ladder in the world. The expectations are very high. You have much further to fall. The pain is great. The world sees you fall. But there was no other way. Why? Because my Great I AM had to take over. I had been in the drivers seat too long. I wasn't doing a very good job. I was in overload, burn-out, whatever you want to call it. Even so, it is not without its pain, questions or even doubts.

When a person is burned or hurt physically, it takes time to heal. To say I am impatient on healing would be a great understatement.

Therefore, I would daresay, it has been my reason for not being able to jump back into writing again. Or a good many things I use to do. I'm not quite there yet. And it may be some time before I get there.

But I am praying that God show me what He wants of me. Because writing had once been my passion.....as other things. So for now, I will wait, I will kick the dirt around and see what happens and most of all, listen to You, Papa.

so if it is my Papa's will...

Oh Daddy, your Amazing Grace still awe's me....

His Beloved.... Connie

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JenMom said...

Connie- Because I have been offline I have not been visitting other blogs. I am so glad I stopped by yours today. Ryland brought the devotional book home to me this weekend and it was then I realized how close you were to Caroline. I have been keeping up with her through the Moseleys and other friends of the Busbys at church. You are such a precious friend to that family--I know they appreciate your encouragement and prayers. Blessings to you!