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Saturday, February 11, 2012

May We Dance Always

Valentine’s Day-- A day to celebrate the love between two people. Candy, flowers and cupids arrow with a string of love sonnets to fill the air. I must say, however, my husband doesn’t care for this day too much but goes with the flow.

But somewhere in the days before Valentine’s, the love struck arrow strikes leaving him shopping endlessly for just the right card and a few other things.

Twenty years is a long time to be together. We have lived through a lot over those twenty years. When we first married, we had big dreams for our life. We made a commitment to cherish one another through the good and the bad.

Little did we know, the bad would mean a blended family, dealing with ex’s, the death of three of our parents, a heart attack, the loss of a job, changing careers, and one of us going through a difficult journey!

It was no Cinderella story of living happily ever after.

I would learn to be quiet when his temper flared and the sarcasm slid off his tongue.

He learned to bite his tongue when I spent too much money or rambled on incessantly about nothing.

There were endless hours of work, cleaning our home, tending to the children and church responsibilities.

But it would become these little things that brought us closer together. And the “I love you” became an action phrase, melting my heart more now than in the beginning. The tender kiss that means more to me now than when we first met and the way he looks at me when we slow dance, reminds me who I belong to.

May we dance always…

Happy Valentine’s Day

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