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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Honor Was Mine

She held her mom’s hand just as her mom held her hand the day she was born-with tremendous love and passion. That was their first day together she had only imagined her mom was thinking.

A tear fell as she now was shook back into her reality. This would probably be their last day joined as mother and daughter. She sat at her bed holding her hand ready to escort her into the presence of the Almighty. She was presenting her as an offering to the honor He was due.

Little did she know—the honor would be hers.

Moments before her mom entered eternity she experienced what would change the course of her life—forever!

She held her mom’s hand as family surrounded her. It would not be long the doctors and Hospice nurses told.

And the story is told. An experience witnessed by her family. Her daughter felt a sudden surge of her skin on fire and then she began to weep uncontrollably but this was soon replaced by a sense of peace that cannot be explained in any human words. She felt a peace and tranquility that washed over her body and soul. She could not cry if she wanted to. She felt no sorrow. She also could not let go of her mother’s hand. They were one. She looked at her mom as she struggled for every earthly breath. Her mom did not seem to be aware of any of this. Her family stood around her and kept asking, “What is it?” All she could do was smile, and then she laughed. She felt sure they thought she had lost her mind, she felt sure she had lost her mind.

All-too-quickly it was over, and her mom entered eternity. The feelings were gone and she let go of her hand. She stepped back to see if what happened really happened.

She was speechless.

She had handed over her precious mother to the arms of Jesus. How could she cry?

There would be rejoicing for she had stood at the doors of Heaven.

The honor due –given by the daughter of the King.

“The honor was mine Father,” she said.

2 little hearts from you...:

Karin said...

What a beautifully written post - exactly how I experienced it on May 17th this spring - with the exception that none of my family was there with the two of us, except a dear, dear volunteer and friend! Mom was 90 and six months. She is spending her first Christmas with her Lord and Savior.

Mari said...

Beautiful story and I'm so glad you shared it. I've had the pleasure of being present at these types of passings and it's a holy moment and such a privilege to be part of.