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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letting Go

To let go…

When I worked for Hospice, letting go was a sign that the end was drawing near. My dad was proud of the beautiful things he had acquired throughout his life; however, at the end of his life it was no longer important to him. What was important to him was letting my sister, my mom and I know how much we were loved. In his last days, he gave us a deep and hidden treasure. That would be his last earthly possession he held onto, for he even let go of us for now.

The old joke of the man that dies and takes a block of gold with him only to be greeted by St. Peter who in turns says, “Here’s another one with a piece of roadway.” This is painfully true for some of us but in our final hours, this will no longer hold true. We will by this time only carry our loved ones.

I have worked hard during my lifetime to acquire the finer things in life. But I have come to realize through my maturity, time with dying patients and in the course of my spiritual walk that these things do not and will not matter when my time comes to go Home. I know what matters are the people in my life from the past, present and the future.

Just like the mother who thought her child had been killed while serving in war, only to find out he was indeed alive. She only desired to see her son. She did not care about a road made of gold, pearly gates or tall mansions but only the feeling as she embraced her child. She has learned the meaning of peace, joy and love.

One day, we will give up all we have for the One that gave up all He had so that we will have all we ever could imagine.

3 little hearts from you...:

Karin said...

So very well written! It's so true that things do not satisfy! Really enjoyed reading this post!

Nancy said...

Your so right all the material wealth means nothing at the end of life, what matters is who we have placed our trust in to bring us safely home to God.

Anonymous said...

Love this post!! So very true, Jesus said Love is the greatest of all!! We are here to show His Love and bring others to Him through that love. Its all about relationships:)
God Bless You Connie,