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Monday, March 8, 2010

Boys and Their Messy Rooms

They (whoever they are) say that a messy (in this case) bedroom is the sign of a genius… I’m thinking that my son is well on his way to super genius and is most likely going to cure the common cold.

So I am trying to think of ways (again) to beat into submission assist my son into ways to help organize and keep his room clean.

OK. I’ll wait just a minute for you to quit laughing.

My husband asks why I even bother. “Why not just shut the door to his room?” And then I remind him of the few experiments that HIS son (it always becomes his child when it’s something not so cool, have you ever noticed) had formed in his room. Like milk can become solid after a few weeks. French fries under the bed could be used as nails for building homes. And then there was the once something on his plate but by the time we got to it, it had turned green and slimy.

Another thing, my definition of clean and my son's definition are two completely different definitions. So I have gone through the “Training method” where I show him how-to-clean his room and where he sits there and plays Xbox 360, nods his head affirmatively and says, “Sure mom.”

Why don’t I ever learn? I’m such a sucker.

I sometimes think I could write a book on 1000 ways underwear can be used as a decorating tip. Oh, you would be amazed the places I have found them. But if you have boys, you already know, don’t you? If you don't, then just spare yourself the pain.

My son has always wanted a hamster or gerbil thing… those hairy little creatures… But I told him why; he has millions of little dust mites as pets. He just gave me that look, huh? Sure, let’s name them. So I started to explain what they were made of… (Thinking this will get him, sure bet. I’ll have him scrubbing the floors on his hands and knees)… so just as I think I have him sucked persuaded to my way of thinking, he says, “Really mom, cool?”

I give.

And then I have one last another bright idea, his cell phone. He lives and breathes it. I have found a chart system (here's the web link) and he earns points for how many days a week he gets his phone… so far so good!!

However, I haven’t looked under the bed; it may bring a whole new meaning to monsters under the bed.

Gotta go, I think I smell something coming from ... surely not...

3 little hearts from you...:

Melli said...

Oh good heavens Connie! You're only just beginning! My Derek moved out ... the end of October... I haven't gone in to tackle his room YET! Haven't found anybody with a sandblaster they'll let me borrow. I keep trying to get Hubs to rent a dumpster so I can just open the window and TOSS things! I dunno... it is verrrrrrrry scary.

Good JOB on the cell phone though! That was a GOD idea if ever I heard one!

Denise said...

Thanks for making me smile. Good luck with your sons room sweetie.

Technonana said...

This was such a fun post... but sadly my youngest daughter can so identify with this... she is married to a young man who could soooo careless what the house looks like. He WILL however help her when she rants and raves, but who wants to do that all the time???