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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Mom's Embrace

When she was a little girl, she loved to play house. She dreamed of being a mom. The day soon came where she had four beautiful children. Married to the man of her dreams. Life was good.

But life was not without its heartache. Without its trials and tribulations. She was young when she came to know the Lord. Hoping this would be her shield of protection. And in a sense it was but protection from what?

The day came when she lost a son in a tragic accident. Life was never the same. Then years later, she lost another child, then another and finally she lost her last child. In between these tragic events, her beautiful husband passed away.

As I was admitting her to Hospice a while back, I listened to her story. I had a hard time grasping her pain. I couldn’t really. Who could? After all, if I allow someone else's tragic life to crouch my thoughts too closely, would they become apart of my own world? Or would it be like a contagious disease? We do weird things when hearing horrific news, don't we?

My patient was full of joy, full of life. As she spoke, she told me that she asked God the question I was probably wondering. Maybe it showed on my face but yes, I was wondering, “Why?” Why would a woman ever have to endure outliving her children, especially all of them.

My little lady then said looking me straight in the eyes, “God told me that it was my job to take care of and bury my children, my family and I have done that now. I am done.”

She said this with such reassurance, with such certainty and just as Jesus did on the Cross, "It is finished." (John 19:30)

What a beautiful lady and a honor to get to know her. How she kept her spirit alive is beyond me but she did. And I can't help but think that God will honor this. She truly is amazing.

Last night, my patients family called in a desperate cry, “She is not breathing well.” I wasn't far from her house.

I arrived to see that she was getting close to her journey Home. Earlier this week, she had asked me to pray with her and now the Lord was answering our prayer. “Father, bring comfort, peace but most of all -- may Your will be done.” She smiled. She knew.

Within thirty minutes of my arrival, her journey was complete. She reached up as if to hug someone and then set her hands down gently, tenderly folding them on her chest, allthewhile she took her last earthly breath. It was one of the most peaceful moments I can remember witnessing.

Holy Ground? Oh yes! For she was greeted by her family that had already passed on and hugged every last one of them. All four of her children. And her lovely husband. To watch someone that could barely move a muscle the past week or find the strength to sit up but now find enough vigor to embrace her loved ones --one by one-- is no less than that of a miracle!

Her family is once again--complete!

In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2)

And we will all once again be as One…

All in a Mother's Embrace

13 little hearts from you...:

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Once again, Connie, your writing just outdoes everyone's. How you do what you do is beyond me. Oh I know how you do it of course. God gives you the strength and the words to comfort these wonderful people as they are going home. Take care my dear and rest!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

The stories you hear in your work are amazing! this one again truly touched my heart! Thanks for sharing these most intimate moments with us!

Denise said...

Bless you for touching my heart by sharing this. I long for the day my momma and brother will welcome me home. I love you sweetie.

Julie said...

Oh Connie...Oh Connie....Oh.....

That's all the words I have to say.....

I am glad you are collecting these stories...

They speak such life.

Love ya, girl.

Technonana said...

Connie, I am just a huge mess after reading this... I'm with you, I don't know how people do it!! I know my Daddy, and I know He loves me... but this, this pain, how can He allow it?
Praise God, Daddy sent someone like you to be with her, to love and comfort her until He came for her!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You've got me crying again! Connie, I really think that in the right time, somewhere down the road, you should look at putting some of these writings into a devotional type format...

If you ever want to bounce any ideas off of me, feel free to email. You have a gift...not only in your work with these precious patients, but also in your way of communicating the heart of their stories.

Ponder the possibility, if you dare.

May the gift of God's presence be your portion this day and this weekend!


Becoming Me said...

Oh, how beautiful.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I can not even imagine doing what she did....burying my family. Her heart must have been so tender to the healing hand of our Father.
So many people would have turned bitter in this situation.
This story almost allows us a chance to view the other side.
I don't think I have to take a guess at who she embraced first. ;)

Diana said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful journey

Nancy said...

I have only visited you a couple of times but have been so touched and move to tears each time. You have the gift to express the real truth in the dying process when someone is in the arms of God. Strength is given to those who trust in our Lord fully. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing this dear woman's story. My heart aches and my tears fall to hear her journey. What an incredible testimony of God's daily and sustaining grace. So grateful she and her family have now been reuinited. What a blessing you surely were to her as she prepared to journey home.

Blessings, dear one.

Marsha said...

Oh Connie! This is beautiful! It reminds me of my Father's homegoing, it was definitely holy ground.

Thanks for sharing this.

Cheryl said...

Connie you have such a sweet heart! I have missed you also. Thanks so much for stopping by my place. I think of you often and hope you are doing well. God Bless you always!