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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hourglass Of Time--God or Satan

“I need to go now”, cried one of my peers. One of our patients is in trouble. She is declining rapidly and today she is in the darkest place of her life.

Satan is after me”, she cried! This poor woman continued to beg for help.

No, she is not saved. She had led a pretty tumultuous life. Oh, some might say she was meaner than a striped rattlesnake. Come to think of it, her own son said, “She had Satan in her.” Our pastor had been out there numerous times to discuss her spiritual “issues”. But as most of us, “I’ll just handle this tomorrow.”

So, what happens when tomorrow comes? The hourglass of time runs out?

Today, her cries were just piercing to the soul as well as heart-wrenching. She pleaded for help. “Get him away, Satan is after me.”

As my peer left to go to her house, I said, “I will be praying for you as you minister to her in this raging war you are embarking upon.

Immediately, I picked up the phone to get others to pray. I cannot imagine losing her (or anyone) to Satan.” I called my husband without giving away her name (rules of confidentiality), and I said, “Please start praying.” And there were others. (Matthew 18:20)

My heart was so heavy all afternoon. I prayed without ceasing. The seconds became minutes and the minutes became hours.”God, You are the God of miracles.”(Like He doesn't already know this) but I kept saying this over and over. And I believe it!

Later, I received a phone call, “How did it go?” I immediately said as I saw her name pop up on my phone. My friend said, “Well, she was too weak to talk and open her eyes by the time I got there. So, I just shared with her how all we have to do is confess with our heart and believe in God’s precious Son.” She went onto tell me in so many words, that she shared with the patient that God is a forgiving God and a loving God. She wasn’t sure if she had made a difference or not.

Or that was until the end of their time together when---

in the last seconds,

through the patient’s weakness,

through the impossibilities and

through our Lord’s faithfulness,

as this little lady, squeezed the hand of our social worker and through her weakest voice , she whispered a heartfelt, “AMEN.”

It was then the realization that most likely a miracle had indeed occurred.

Sometime later the chaplain showed up, but by now, the patient was no longer responsive.

Now, just maybe our patient’s journey is complete!

So what about you, will you make the right choice before the sands of time are absolute?

8 little hearts from you...:

Sharon Brumfield said...

O.k, here is a little tid bit to think about. I hope you don't think I am off there in left field.
When I was reading your post my heart went out. I was praying dear God help this lady...and so on.
I don't know if this lady is still living...but I wanted God to join my prayers with all the others.
If God is not limited to time...and He knows what we are going to pray before we pray it...do you think maybe He add my prayers to yours.;)
I will thank God that He did..and hope that one day her face will be one of those that meets us at the gates of heaven to thank us for praying for her till the end.

Nancy said...

Its so true we fight the fight against good and evil to the day of our death. I pray for you and for the people you care for as most are in the last days of their lives if they are in hospice care. May God save them all!!! My heart goes out to the unsaved everywhere.

Mari said...

We were just talking about this at work today. Those of us who are with people when they die, can often see people fighting when they are so scared of dying and then there are those who know they are going to meet their friend, Jesus and it makes all the difference!

Technonana said...

This my friend is one of the saddest things we encounter..
Why wait to have a relationship with the God of the Universe!!
Why miss the abundant life He offers!!If they only knew WHAT they were missing... but they have believed the lie.. once you accept Christ all of your fun is over...
there has never been a bigger lie!!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Connie, once again this great blog on life and death!! You are so blessed to be put in this situation as always..Prayer was all that you could do this time but lets hope that she accepted HIM as she passed over..Sandy

Becoming Me said...

Wow...that gave me chills

Connie said...

What a great story that like Christ when he shared with the thief on the cross...it's never to late! That was an awesome story... Connie from California

Tiffany Stuart said...

This is powerful. The spiritual battle is strong. And it sounds like Jesus won. Again!