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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Peacemaker

Fairly simple, hey?

The God of Love? 1 John 4

But what happens when I don't get that and it doesn't flow over to my friends or even family.

Someone has misjudged me. They have hurt me. I don't feel loved by anyone. Life just isn't fair, is it?

I want justice immediately. I want to be vindicated. AFTER ALL, it is MY RIGHT!

We have rights, right?

What? Jesus didn't? oh yea, He surrendered all.

OK, I can see where this is going.

But God, I'm really hurt, I was innocent and they need to apologize to me.

Yes, I know Your Son was innocent too.

From The Father's Heart:

Charles Sagle


Luke 6:27-30

Pressured Peacemaker,

Let Me vindicate you. Allow Me to be the Lord you have confessed Me to be. Stop worrying about your brother's opinion and go on doing what I have called you to do.

You have sought to gain the understanding of one who has much to learn before any of your words can even begin to make sense to his mind. You have tried to win his heart. Well done. You have tried--earnestly tried-- and I have seen it and I AM pleased. Now will you leave the results to Me?

Cease all self-castigation's, all self-justifications and all your rationalizations now. Henceforth, I will do the correcting, the defending and the explaining. And you? You will be happy again. And I do think it's time you were....



9 little hearts from you...:

Mari said...
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Mari said...

Oh, if we would just leave ALL the results to Him...we would be a lot happier.

Julie said...

Wow, that was really good!!!

Thanks for sharing....


Denise said...

Awesome sweetie.

Susan said...

Beautiful post, Connie! I have so missed you! Yes, I got The Shack. I started it on my cruise and then promptly left my unfinished copy in my hotel room last night! I'll be off to the Bookstore tomorrow to get another one so I can finish it.



Becoming Me said...

Oh, this was such a precious post. Thank you for sharing. It really touched my heart. And to answer your ?...Think Greece and canines...I couldn't find your E-mail. :-)

Technonana said...

I know we have ALL been there!!! But praise God we don't have to stay there!!!

Technonana said...

Oh, I read The Shack!! Much to discuss!!! Lots of info.

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

Hello my friend. Just checking in.

Once again, thanks for a beautiful reminder of who is really in control of our lives. :)