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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Show Me One More Sign God

(Deuteronomy 29:2)"...the massive trials to which you were eyewitnesses, the great signs and miracle-wonders. But God didn't give you an understanding heart or perceptive eyes or attentive ears until right now, this very day."

Oh God, when will you show us a sign… show us that You are real? Are you really real? My life, well I just need to know You are out there…..

And the Red Seas parted………

If You would just reveal something so special to me, show me that You…..

And their clothes did not wear out…..

When will the day come that You…..

And they entered into the Land of Milk and Honey

I wished I could just see You…..

And life was breathed into my first born child, there I held her new life and her tiny hand held my finger and my heart was never the same

Yes, but Father if I could feel what it is like to….

And the gift of a sunrise each morning is a new promise…

Even still where are You when…..

And My husband came along when I had given up on love, and he loved me

Yes, I understand that but what about….

And a precious miracle was born between the love of two, a small little boy with beautiful red hair and his never ending love for God still amazes me, each night as
he says, "Don’t forget our prayers, mom"

But can’t You show me something?

Dear one, I gave you my Son. He walked with you.


He died for you….


Are we continuing to ask for One more?

One more miracle when we have been given the biggest miracle of all….

For He came to me, to us as the scarlet of redemption and seized our broken hearts.

Look, for the Bridegroom has come and He will come again….

In Him,

5 little hearts from you...:

Denise said...

Awesome my friend.

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

Well said.

Maggie said...

Okay, so the music plug in is awesome. My blog won't allow it {sad, misty-eyes}.

Twila Paris's "Do I Trust You, Lord" is one of my favs...you'll have to tune it in some day for me to hear it!

lady of value said...

Hi! I agree with Denise, awesome!!

No, I don't like the beach, it is too hot and too sandy!! I do like the water though, so pretty.

Have a good day!

Lynn Donovan said...


This is just brilliant. Thank you so much and very well written. Our God is so amazing and patient. I am humbled reading this. Love, Lynn