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Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Homecoming

This week has been one of tremendous introspect. As I have been to the funeral of a friend and then to that of my ex father-in-law, my daughter's grandfather today, I have listened to those promises that our Lord gave us when we depart from this life into eternity.

What did our life stand for?

How will we will feel when stand before our Savior when our time comes? And it will come.

As I was thinking about these lives, I knew for a fact that the only thing they took with them was the life they stood for and more importantly was their love for Jesus and their belief in Jesus. All the things in life that we acquire, stays here.

Will those that come to pay respects share their wonderful stories? Will your life have made an impact on others. Because that is all that will remain here.

And when you stand face-to-face, will you be fully satisfied? (Psalm 17:15)

I want those that stand over me and speak the final words of my life to first say they saw Jesus in my life but then I hope they end it by saying, and now we move Connie's membership from Westminster Pres Church to Church Eternal.

And there will be a great celebration in her homecoming......

Because there will be no more night, no more tears, no more pain, never crying again, as we will live in the light of the Risen Lamb....

Celebrating the life of Janet Sloan and Roy Abercrombie.........


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